BREAKING SAMSARA – Light Of A New Beginning (2017)

BREAKING SAMSARA - Light Of A New Beginning (2017) full

Light Of A New Beginning” is the new album -released today- from German hard rockers BREAKING SAMSARA, a CD recorded with the support of the Wacken Festival Foundation. The four-piece delivers timeless, riff-driven classic hard rock spiced with Hammond B3 swirls.
Breaking Samsara released their first album by themselves back in 2011, and it wasn’t easy for them to arrive to this second LP. Hence the title “Light Of A New Beginning”. To make a broad statement at the start, musically speaking, I liked everything about this album, including most every song.

Breaking Samsara basically plays a modern version of classic ’80s hard rock, with a lot of melody. Note I didn’t said ‘melodic hard rock’, but hard rock with melody, because the band in a couple of tracks add a little metallic edge.
However, and thanks to the polished production, the overall result is really accessible for all Rock sub-genre aficionados.

The songs on “Light Of A New Beginning” are loaded to the brim and overflowing with melody, harmony and classic hard rock groove. Guitar solos are abundant and sizzling.
Although not always heard that clearly, guitarist and vocalist Jan Reinert has a powerful, passionate and melodic voice, which easily carries the songs catchy refrains.

There’s a hooky number in ‘Rebel At Heart’, and several songs that have a piano line presence such as ‘Bye Bye Baby’, but more significantly the Hammond organ filled ‘Time For Things To Change’ and title track ‘Light Of A New Beginnin’.
For some of that metal edge – in fact, sharp hard rock – you get it right from the start with ‘Restless Nights’ driven by a pulsating pace, and then lit up with a fiery guitar solos. But there’s also ‘Scarsoul’ with its Euro vibe, or the swift riff-roaring ‘End Of A Hero’.

BREAKING SAMSARA - Light Of A New Beginning (2017) inside

Needless to say, Breaking Samsara’s “Light Of A New Beginning” impressed me, especially by the way they are able to mix classic hard rock with melody, resulting in a catchy collection of songs but not loosing an inch of impact.
This is the kind of songs / playing / production that belongs to the ’80s yet with an updated mix / mastering according to modern times.
Breaking Samsara is band to keep an eye on, they are very, very good at their game.

01 – Restless Nights
02 – Rebel At Heart
03 – Light Of A New Beginning
04 – Bye Bye Baby
05 – Money Ain’t Worth A Dime
06 – Time For Things To Change
07 – End Of A Hero
08 – Scarsoul

Jan Reinert – Vocals, Guitar
Hauke Lübben – Drums
Lennart Gossling – Keyboards, Hammond B3
Matthias Frerichs – Bass


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