AERODYNE – Breaking Free (2017)

AERODYNE - Breaking Free (2017) full

Breaking Free” is the first full-length of Swedish hard rockers AERODYNE, set for release tomorrow December 15, 2017 via Street Symphonies Records. Formed back in January 2016 the Scandinavian combo soon recorded a self-managed EP which got the attention of Street Symphonies, and “Breaking Free” is here.

AERODYNE’s style is classic ’80s hard rock with glammy melodies, some sleaze bounce, and a pinch of American catchiness.
Their songs are quite commercial, however, what I like about this band – and what set them apart from the crowd – is some ‘easy metal’ approach. I mean, AERODYNE adds a touch of classy melodic metal riffs to some songs, akin PRETTY MAIDS circa 1988 to mention a reference.
But these guys create their own sound, despite the influences to be cited below.

It’s curious, but the guys started the album with the less interesting song on the CD. ‘As Above, So Below’ is a solid rocker, but little generic and not representing what this band is capable of, as heard in songs to come.
And soon ‘Comin’ For You’ raise the bar with an infectious riff, rumbling bass lines and gang choruses, a song plenty of fire and at the same time catchy as hell.

But AERODYNE really start to shine with track 3, title track ‘Breaking Free’. This is a killer hard rocker driven by that characteristic ’80s double guitar attack with some Euro melodic metal feel. PRETTY MAIDS, 220 VOLT and alike come to mind, and the guys put an anthemic chorus to crown the great uptempo rhythm. The vocals bite, and the double solo kills.
More quality continues with ‘Aerodynamic’, a much more sleaze number in vein of CRASHDIET or SHOTGUN MESSIAH, a ‘very Swedish’ song with street choruses and superb solos. This is not an ordinary ‘sleaze’ song, this rocks hard!

Then ‘Pedal to the Floor’ incorporates an American riff full of fire. It’s a hard rocking song but darn catchy with a little Sunset Strip to it.
‘We All Live a Lie’ is another strong, punchy tune with a monster pumping bass line, a raising pre-chorus, and a highly melodious chorus ready for the arenas reminiscent of an early RECKLESS LOVE when thay used to rock good.

On ‘Until You’re Gone’ the tempo up again for a racing sleazy number and again the sharp riffs appear with some dirty shouts full of ’80s magic.
‘Setting Hell on Fire’ is darker, groovier, I hear a bit a of the very first HARDCORE SUPERSTAR or the heavier side of SANTA CRUZ here, however, as on the entire disc, the chorus is pretty contagious with oh-ohs and a melting solo.

AERODYNE - Breaking Free (2017) inside

I can see why on ‘Run Away’ there’s Danny Rexon guesting on backing vocals, as this is a CRAZY LIXX sounding rocker, a song with a soaring chorus in the best Swedish tradition. A highlight.
After that 9-track full rockin’ attack, seems last track ‘Back To Back’ would be a ballad because starts slowly with clean guitars and relaxed vocals, but don’t be fooled, atfer 40 seconds the band delivers another slick hard rocker with that aforementioned ’80s Euro metal melody all over, hot guitars and a scorching solo.

You simply can’t stay quiet listening to “Breaking Free”, a foot-tapping pretty killer debut from AERODYNE.
The musical approach is plenty of attitude but polished from the production side. This baby rocks hard, at the same time resulting catchy and melodic with that typical Scandinavian delivery.
Welcome into the scene AERODYNE, a band ready to make waves all over the planet.
HIGHLY Recommended


01 – As Above, So Below
02 – Comin’ for You
03 – Breaking Free
04 – Aerodynamic
05 – Pedal to the Floor
06 – We All Live a Lie
07 – Until You’re Gone
08 – Setting Hell on Fire
09 – Run Away
10 – Back to Back

Daniel Almqvist: Lead Vocals, Guitar
Timmy Kan: Bass, Backing Vocals
Johan Bergman: Lead Guitar
Christoffer Almqvist: Drums
Danny Rexon (Crazy Lixx): Backing Vocals on 9



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