AERODYNE – Last Days Of Sodom (2022)

AERODYNE - Last Days Of Sodom (2022) full

Swedish metallers AERODYNE are ready to unleash their new album ”Last Days Of Sodom”. Since their first EP in 2016 this five piece has been evolving into a true melodic metal monster. The classic Eighties sound is still there, but now modernized and with an energetic punch.
While in their origins AERODYNE infused a lot of hard rock groove and even glammy melodies into their music, 2022 sees the band heavier, aggressive like never before. I always found AERODYNE’s style similar to Gypsy Rose and that feeling persists on ”Last Days Of Sodom”, yet with much more edge and bite.
This commercial approach is all over the new album, however the razor twin guitar attack now takes AERODYNE to an new dimension.

Where Aerodyne’s debut album sounded more like ’80s hard rock, the second ‘Damnation’ and now “Last Days Of Sodom” sees the band taking the classic metal route and channeling a fair bit of the New Wave of British Heavy Metal with great results.
The guitar work is just superb and without focusing on any particular guitar solo, I thought Daniel Almqvist (Guitar & Backing Vocals) & Johan Bergman (Guitar & Backing Vocals) played off each other to perfection. The Marcus Heinonen voice fits greatly among these sharp riffs.

The recording is also very well done with each instrument having a big in-your-face sound without compromising the rest or the delivery of the songs. It’s breathtaking, phenomenally infectious, and a bloody good headbang able experience.
Sometimes an album comes along where you just know from the very first note of the very first song (even if in this instance it was an instrumental) that you are not going to be able to turn it off without listening to the whole thing. Aerodyne’s “Last Days Of Sodom” did that for me.
Highly Recommended


01 – Angband
02 – Razor’s Edge
03 – Dust to Dust
04 – Innocence Lost
05 – Whirlwind of Fire
06 – Endgame
07 – Last Days of Sodom
08 – Alien Front
09 – Blood in the Water
10 – 100 Days of Death
11 – Children of the Sun

Marcus Heinonen (Vocals)
Daniel Almqvist (Guitar & Backing Vocals)
Johan Bergman (Guitar & Backing Vocals)
Thomas Berggren (Bass & Backing Vocals)
Christoffer Almqvist (Drums & Backing Vocals)


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