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AERODYNE – Last Days Of Sodom (2022)

Swedish metallers AERODYNE are ready to unleash their new album ”Last Days Of Sodom”. Since their first EP in 2016 this five piece has been evolving into a true melodic metal monster. The classic Eighties sound is still there, but now modernized and with an energetic punch.
While in their origins AERODYNE infused a lot of hard rock groove and even glammy melodies into their music, 2022 sees the band heavier, aggressive like never before. I always found AERODYNE’s style similar to Gypsy Rose and that feeling persists on ”Last Days Of Sodom”, yet with much more edge and bite.
This commercial approach is all over the new album, however the razor twin guitar attack now takes AERODYNE to an new dimension…

AERODYNE – Breaking Free (2017)

“Breaking Free” is the first full-length of Swedish hard rockers AERODYNE, set for release tomorrow December 15, 2017 via Street Symphonies Records. Formed back in January 2016 the Scandinavian combo soon recorded a self-managed EP which got the attention of Street Symphonies, and “Breaking Free” is here. AERODYNE’s style is classic ’80s hard rock with glammy melodies, some sleaze bounce,...