LORDS OF BLACK – Icons Of The New Days [Japanese Limited Edition +1] (2018)

LORDS OF BLACK - Icons Of The New Days [Japanese Limited Edition +1] (2018) full

Since formed only four years ago, signed by Frontiers Music LORDS OF BLACK has delivered two strong albums, and now got ready their third titled “Icons Of The New Days” to be released in Japan tomorrow.
Even with vocalist Ronnie Romero touring and recording with Ritchie Blackmore’s Rainbow, the band has managed to create an intense, elaborated new opus consisting in twelve songs over 72 minutes which never drop the interest.

Lords Of Black creates a mixture of traditional melodic metal, power, and classic hard rock, with a focus upon Romero’s strong vocal presence and Tony Hernando’s significant guitar virtuosity.
You’ll find some fine metallic rockers with ‘World Gone Mad’, ‘King’s Reborn’ and ‘Long Way To Go’, which sways between rock groove and power adrenaline. More heaviness is found within ‘When A Hero Falls’ and ‘Wait Not Prayers For The Dying’.

‘Fallin’ is plenty of fat riffs and a thumping bass lines. Even so, it has a lighter breakdown after the midpoint which turn hot with another spiraling Hernando solo.
His guitar also shine within the closing and longest song, ‘All I Have Left’. Beginning at the midpoint, Hernando blazes his way up and down the fret board for nearly three minutes. If you love lead guitar work, buy this album just for Hernando’s impressive skills.

“Icons Of The New Days” finds Lords Of Black consistent as ever, delivering some stupendous heavy but highly melodic tunes properly infused with hard rock groove.
Highly Recommended

01. World Gone Mad
I – History Of Gods
II – The Slaughter Of Innocence
III – World Gone Mad
02. Icons Of The New Days
03. Not In A Place Like This
04. When A Hero Takes A Fall
05. Forevermore
06. The Way I’ll Remember
07. Fallin’
08. King’s Reborn
09. Long Way To Go
10. The Edge Of Darkness
11. Wait No Prayers For The Dying
12. All I Have Left
13. Forevermore (Acoustic Version) (Japan Bonus Track)

Andy C. – Drums
Dani Criado – Bass
Tony Hernando – Guitars
Ronnie Romero – Vocals (Rainbow, The Ferrymen)

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