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After four albums, highly respected German guitarist Christian Tolle is back with a new album from his CHRISTIAN TOLLE PROJECT. Titled “Point Blank”, the new CD, to be released on October 26, 2018, features renowned David Reece and Praying Mantis’ John Cuijpers on vocals.
Doug Aldrich (ex-Whitesnake, The Dead Daisies) and Mathias Dieth (ex-UDO, ex-Sinner) provide stellar guest lead guitar solos as well.

If Tolle’s name is new to you, he was part of many celebrated AOR / Melodic Rock records as session musician including Chasing Violets, Reece, AOR, Universe, Tango Down, Cooper Inc., etc, and for his C.T.P. albums he always get collaborating some of the best cats in the business.
Tolle has complete control of CTP: songwriting, guitars, bass, drums, production and mix.

“Point Blank” offers ten songs, being two covers: the legendary ‘Since You Be Be Gone’ and the classic rock pearl ‘Lonely Is The Night’ by Billy Squier. Both are greatly sung by John Cuijpers.
The Praying Mantis vocalist also delivers a strong performance on the dynamic melodic rocker ‘Fight Another Day’ including a very good guitar work by Tolle, while ‘Before I Fall’ has a slighlty Whitesnake feeling.

David Reece performs on the catchy ‘Borderland’, a punchy melodic hard rocker which reminds me of Sunstorm, and it’s one of the best tunes here. The vocalist also does the midtempo, AORish ‘Proceed With Caution’, the muscular hard rocker ‘Too Late’, and the melodious ‘Black Friday’ with some Radioactive / Tommy Denander on it.
Both singers share lead vocals on the title track, a rocking song with strong verses, fist in the air chorus and a swirling Doug Aldrich guest guitar solo.

CHRISTIAN TOLLE PROJECT - Point Blank (2018) back

Christian Tolle knows a trick of two in the melodic hard rock game, and if you like the classic ’80 / early ’90s sound of the genre, “Point Blank” is for your enjoyment.
Think House Of Lords, Burning Rain, Whitesnake, etc. You get the picture.
Highly Recommended

01 Point Blank (feat. David Reece & John Cuijpers)
02 Borderland (feat. David Reece)
03 Since You’ve Been Gone (feat. John Cuijpers)
04 Proceed With Caution (feat. David Reece)
05 Too Late (feat. David Reece)
06 Fight Another Day (feat. John Cuijpers)
07 Before I Fall (feat. John Cuijpers)
08 Black Friday (feat. David Reece)
09 Don’t Make Me Wait (feat. John Cuijpers)
10 Lonely Is The Night (feat. John Cuijpers)

Christian Tolle – guitars, bass, drums
David Reece, John Cuijpers – vocals
Morris Adriaens – keyboards, backing vocals
Mathias Dieth (ex-UDO, ex-Sinner) – lead guitar
Doug Aldrich (ex-Whitesnake, The Dead Daisies) – lead guitar


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