STAXX – Don’ No No Betta [remastered] Out Of Print

STAXX - Don' No No Betta [remastered] full

Here’s another request, the remastered release of “Don’ No No Betta”, from American melodic hard rockers STAXX. The album was originally released by themselves in the early ’90s in limited quantities.
Despite its indie origin, production sound is very good and there’s a strong songwriting with an ’80s feel.

In the same league of Trixter, XYZ, BulletBoys, etc, STAXX’s music has that kind of swagger of late ’80s US melodic hard rock mixed with hair metal catchiness.
On some songs like ‘Goin Down The Hardway’ or the pretty killer ‘Young And Restless’ there’s some edgy riffs akin Hurricane’s harder side, even Doug Aldrich’s Lion.

‘With Her Eyes’ is one of my favorites with its punchy rhythm and soaring vocals, also the slightly Damn Yankees-like midtempo ‘Now And Forever’ showcasing some of Staxx’s early sound when they started as band playing more AOR material.
‘In My Dreams’ is a very solid power ballad with layered choruses, then ‘Burn My Heart’ has a bit of Extreme with its broken riffs.

STAXX - Don' No No Betta [remastered] BACK

Above the average in terms of songwriting quality / production for an indie band, Staxx’s “Don’ No No Betta” deserve to be listened by all US Melodic Hard Rock aficionados.
The CD is out of print but you can hunt for some used copies at auction sites.
Highly Recommended

01 – Lil Heartbreaker
02 – Goin Down The Hardway
03 – With Her Eyes
04 – 4th Of July
05 – Burn My Heart
06 – Roxanne
07 – Blue Is The Color Of Pain
08 – Now And Forever
09 – Young And Restless
10 – In My Dreams
11 – Top Of The Rock
12 – Push Comes To Shove
13 – Song X Too Hot

Billy Smith – Lead Vocals
Darrell Akers – Drums
Kip Gaudette – Guitars, Backing Vocals
Mike Owens – Guitars, Backing Vocals
Rusty Gwaltney – Bass, Backing Vocals

Out Of Print

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