DANGEROUS TOYS – Pissed [remastered 2017]

DANGEROUS TOYS - Pissed [remastered 2017] full

As requested, here’s one of the best sleazy hard rock acts from the classic US movement: DANGEROUS TOYS, which got their third studio disc “Pissed” reissued & remastered for the first time by the EMP Label Group (David Ellefson of Megadeth own label).
Released in 1994 – full grunge apogee – with song titles like ‘Loser’ and ‘Hard Luck Champion’, it’s possible to assume that Dangerous Toys were feeling the big rock backlash while recording “Pissed”.
This album is a big middle finger to the music industry, and one of the best albums from the genre – for me, the one Guns N’ Roses shoulda been released after Use Your Illusion.

Their major label debut, Dangerous Toys, released in May 1989, was certified as a Gold Record by RIAA, and while the band never achieved world wide stardom, they are among the best sleazy hard rock acts in history.
They never released a bad album, and “Pissed”, Dangerous Toys’ third studio disc (and the first featuring new lead guitarist Paul Lidel) is not an exception.
Full of hard driving tunes, on “Pissed” Jason McMaster and his rapy vocals delivers the goods once again, and Lidel sounds like he has been playing in the band forever.

There is a lot to like on this disc, like the opening title track ‘Pissed’, a great rollicking uptempo number that need to be cranked up to 10. ‘Paintrain’ and ‘The Law Is Mine’ continues the fun with two great in your face rockers back to back, both with some of Guns N’ Roses / Motley Crue on it.
‘Promise The Moon’ is an excellent power ballad and something that you wouldn’t expect to hear from Dangerous Toys. Around the era Rock Radio wasn’t playing this type of songs, they did it because they wanted, not as a potential single.
‘Strange’ is a heavy track full of sleaze and head banging goodness, while ‘Loser’ ride over a classic rock riff with a great party feel to it.

‘Hard Luck Champion’ is one of my favorite tracks on this disc. It’s hard rocking but mature, very well composed over a solid backbone and with very good instrumentation.
‘Screamin’ for More’ is an upbeat song but built over an acoustic skeleton, however, it packs the same punch as the entire CD

DANGEROUS TOYS - Pissed [remastered 2017] back

‘Oh Well, So What!’ is one of those songs that you would love to crank up and play in your office when you are having a bad day. Fun lyrics and contagious rhythm.
For the end ‘Illustrated Man’ is a cool song that would make a good theme song for an ’80s comedy movie. It is a great way to close out the disc.

“Pissed” is a great US hard rock record all the way through. There are no filler tracks, and it is a fun party rock record with substance. It’s on par with any GN’R or LA Guns albums. Sure, “Pissed” was released right in the middle of the grunge movement, and got very little attention.
So now this remastered reissue (very good quality sound) is the perfect occasion to enjoy this really good Dangereous Toys album in its full potential.
HIGHLY Recommended

0dayrox Exclusive

01 – Pissed
02 – Paintrain
03 – The Law Is Mine
04 – Promise The Moon
05 – Strange
06 – Loser
07 – Hard Luck Champions
08 – Screamin’ For More
09 – Oh Well, So What!
10 – Illustrated Man

Jason McMaster – Vocals
Scott Dalhover – Guitars
Paul Lidel – Guitars, Backing Vocals
Mike Watson – Bass, Backing Vocals
Mark Geary – Drums


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