EXTREME – III Sides To Every Story CDsingles [Out Of Print]

EXTREME - III Sides To Every Story CDsingles  -  full

To complete the recent EXTREME posts, here we have some of the out of print, hard to find CD singles issued for their ‘III Sides To Every Story’ album.

“Rest In Peace CDs” includes the ‘Rest In Peace (Radio edit)’, different from the Album version, plus the exclusive, non album track ‘Monica’ recorded ’91 in a hotel while Extreme was on tour.

“Stop The World CDs” features the title track in its Radio Version ‘Stop The World (Radio edit), the non album track ‘Christmas Time Again’ (taken from the A&M Records holidays album A Very Special Christmas 2), and there’s ‘Don’t Leave Me Alone’, originally available exclusively on the vinyl / cassette editions of ‘III Sides To Every Story’.

EXTREME - Japan CDsingle Tragic Comic

“Tragic Comic CDs” is the Japan release of the single, including different versions / mixes from the album tracks such as ‘Hole Hearted (Horn mix)’ featuring re-recorded parts, ‘Rise ‘n Shine (Acoustic)’, ‘Cupid’s Dead (Horn mix)’, plus a cover of Lennon / McCartney classic ‘Help!’ done in an Extreme fashion.
Great collectors items

1992, Rest In Peace CDs
01 – Rest In Peace (Radio edit)
02 – Rest In Peace (LP version)
03 – Peacemaker Die
04 – Monica (non album track)

1992, Stop The World CDs
01 – Stop The World (Radio edit)
02 – Christmas Time Again (non album track)
03 – Warheads
04 – Don’t Leave Me Alone (non album track)

1993, Tragic Comic CDs (Japan release)
01 – Tragic Comic (Radio edit)
02 – Hole Hearted (Horn mix)
03 – Rise ‘n Shine (Acoustic)
04 – Cupid’s Dead (Horn mix)
05 – When I’m President (Live)
06 – Help! (non album track)

Out Of Print

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