STRIP – Glad To Meet You… Sucker! (2019)

STRIP - Glad To Meet You... Sucker! (2019) full

It’s never too late: Nineties US glam hard rockers STRIP got their first ever full-length album “Glad To Meet You…Sucker!” released, comprising the band’s 1992-93 indie releases digitally remastered, plus a never before released track.

Strip was named after the ‘Sunset Strip’ despite the common thought that it has to do with a hot, sexy woman taking off her clothes. Strip resided in Wisconsin but were seen more on the Chicago hard-rock scene playing such legendary clubs like the Thirsty Whale in River Grove, IL, The Metro, and The Vic in the heart of Chicago.
When on native soil in Milwaukee, Strip would play T.A. Vern’s and even had a coveted show at Milwaukee’s Summerfest.

The band knew that a rock show was more than just the sound, it was a visual experience as well, and they looked every bit the rock band on and off the stage. Visually, there was a lot of hair, a lot of hair spray, a lot of spandex, a lot of leather, and a lot of fringe.
When it came to writing songs, the goal was the second half of the ”80s LA style glammy hard rock: hooks and catchy choruses.

Think POISON at their ‘Look What The Cat Dragged In’ era, add some TUFF, and a slight touch of WARRANT mixed with the traits and characteristics of all the 80s / 90s glam bands put into a blender.
From rockers such as “It Doesn’t Matter”, “Lullabye”, or “Dead Roses”, to power balalds like “Forget Your Love” and the sweet “Love Story”, the harmonies played as big a part as anything.

Strip recorded two EP’s, ‘Out Since Friday’ (1992), and ‘Respect’ (1993), both only released on cassette in limited quantities, and sold at the shows. These are comprised here, with the addition of a demo (“Love Can Hold The Light”). I don’t know why “Desperately” is listed as bonus track, as it was part of the first cassette ‘Out Since Friday‎’.

STRIP - Glad To Meet You... Sucker! (2019) inside

The material is very well, professionally recorded & mixed, and the remaster get the best of it.
Strip musicianship is above the average ‘indie band’, and the songs packed in “Glad To Meet You…Sucker!” are the kind of ‘unreleased stuff’ you want to listen to.
A band that arrived too late into the scene, quite talented and able to write some infectious ‘glammy / hairy’ tunes.
Highly Recommended

01 – Dead Roses
02 – It Doesn’t Matter
03 – Love Story
04 – To Be With You
05 – Good Girl
06 – Lullaby
07 – Never Too Far From Home
08 – Rollin’ Train
09 – You Should Be Mine
10 – Out Since Friday
11 – They Ride
12 – Love Can Hold The Light
13 – Desperately (Bonus Track)

Jay Gumieny (lead vocals, acoustic guitar)
Joel Ellington (guitar, vocals)
Gary Banach (guitar, vocals)
Timmy Sett (bass, vocals)
Michael Jensen (drums)


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