BATON ROUGE – Shake Your Soul [Rock Candy remastered] (2019) *EXCLUSIVE*

BATON ROUGE - Shake Your Soul [Rock Candy remastered] (2019) full

I been waiting for a long time a proper remastered job on “Shake Your Soul”, the debut album from BATON ROUGE. There’s a remaster / reissue done during the past decade but it’s too much quiet. This Rock Candy Records fresh release finally brings this awesome album in all its splendor.
Produced by Jack Ponti (Bon Jovi, Keel, Alice Cooper), songs like ‘Walks like A Woman’ , ‘Bad Time Comin’ Down’ and ‘Baby’s So Cool’ are among the best Melodic Hard Rock tunes appeared between the end of the 80s / beginning of the 90s.

1990 was fast becoming a crucial time for traditional melodic hard rock music. Although the tide hadn’t entirely turned there was a feeling among the music media that times were due for a change. It was an odd time as a number of great bands had been signed and were all readying albums for release so the competition was fierce.

Baton Rouge were one such act that had the opportunity to establish a power base before the sea change in public taste built a wall of indifference towards the swagger and strut of classic rock.
Originally formed in Louisiana, under the moniker of Meridian, during the mid-80s, the main core of the band, guitarist Lance Bullen and vocalist Kelly Keeling, opted to move to Los Angeles in 1987 where the scene was ripe for aiding and abetting young bands.
They would not be disappointed and found a manager who hooked them up with seasoned producers David Foster and Mike Clink (Clink was finishing up the Guns N’ Roses Appetite… album) who helped them record a set of impressive demos.

The band s appearances on the LA club circuit soon attracted record company attention, eventually signing with Atlantic records and being taken under the wing of label founder Ahmet Ertigun.
“Shake Your Soul” was produced by Bon Jovi alumni Jack Ponti in New Jersey, and issued in 1990 to positive reactions.

The album hit hard in the melodic rock style, boasting strong tracks such as rockers ‘Walks Like A Woman’ , ‘Bad Time Comin’ Down’ and ‘Baby’s So Cool’, and terrific power ballads in ‘There Was A Time’ and ‘It’s About Time’.
It wasn’t surprising that reaction was favorable, affording the band a good following with solid airplay, and establishing them as ones to watch.

BATON ROUGE - Shake Your Soul [Rock Candy remastered] (2019) back

A killer, impressive melodic hard rock album with a punchy but immaculate production now brightly remastered.
HIGHLY Recommended

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01 – Doctor
02 – Walks Like A Woman
03 – Big Trouble
04 – It’s About Time
05 – Bad time Comin’ Down
06 – The Midge (Instrumental)
07 – Baby’s So Cool
08 – Young Hearts
09 – Melenie
10 – There Was A Time (The Storm)
11 – Hot Blood Movin’
12 – Spread Like Fire

Kelly Keeling – lead vocals, guitar
Lance Bulen – guitars, vocals
Corky McClellan – drums, percussion, vocals
Scott Bender – bass, vocals
David Cremin – keyboards, guitar, vocals



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    Fantastic album! The Rock Candy version really beefs up the drum and cymbol crashes!

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    Thank you so much for this fantastic album 🙂

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    I had an obsession over this album and this band. I have the original pressing and I will definitely buy this RC reissue

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    Do you have Idle Cure’s albums and Helix’ album “Back For Another Taste” in its remastered version? Would be fabulous!

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    Thanks for this album!!

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    Thanks for this album!

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