JAY GRAYDON – Past To Present [remastered 2019]

JAY GRAYDON - Past To Present [remastered 2019] full

Since a couple of years JAY GRAYDON has been remastering himself all his back catalog and the last, fresh tweak was done this 2019 to “Past To Present”. This album is interesting as it is an adventure through Graydon’s history leading up to the point of before becoming a 1st call studio guitarist up to the point when he made the move to producing & writing for other artists.

“Past To Present” ranges from late ’70s FM / Soft Rock to AOR, even with some Melodic Rock moments.
When Graydon started the project of compiling / mastering these early tapes, Graydon needed to decide on a sonic concept. Two basic ideas came to mind as a general rule of thumb — make it melodically sweet, or compress the crap out of it as in this era of aggressive sound.
The decision was easy — the audience for this album would like to hear performances that have dynamics instead of one constant pounding level.
He did his best to make the stuff sound thick (warm) on ballads for a sweet sound, while keep the up-tempo songs on control in very very “mid-range” bright.

The overall sound here is as close to Airplay as it will ever get, featuring Graydon on vocals, guitars, bass and some synth stuff; great singers such as Bill Champlin, Marc Jordan, Tata Vega, Lisa DalBello, Ed Whiting and more.
Session musicians include such top names as David Foster (also co-writer on many songs), Jeff Porcaro, Mike Baird, David Hungate, Mike Porcaro, Greg Mathieson, to name a few.
Some of these tracks ended into the Airplay album in a different shape, some were recorded by other artists, some exclusive to this release.

Apart from the main songs, there are a few bonus tracks – fun stuff like TV themes (Ted’s Theme), a jingle for Sony, and also 2 instrumental tracks.
Great stuff. Highly Recommended


01 – If There’s A Way (Jay Graydon & Harry Garfield)
02 – What Good Is Love (Jay Graydon & Harry Garfield)
03 – You Can Count On Me (Jay Graydon, David Foster & Harry Garfield)
04 – You’re My Day (Jay Graydon & Harry Garfield)
05 – Should We Carry On (Jay Graydon, David Foster & BJ Cook Foster)
06 – Secret Love (Jay Graydon, David Foster & Marc Jordan)
07 – She Waits For Me (Jay Graydon & Harry Garfield)
08 – Throw A Little Bit Of Love Way (Graydon, Foster & Harry Garfield)
09 – I Fall In Love Every Day (Jay Graydon & Harry Garfield)
10 – Love Flows (Jay Graydon, David Foster & Harry Garfield)
BONUS Material:
11 – Love Flows – melody Guide Version (Graydon, Foster & Harry Garfield)
12 – Ted’s Theme #2 – Without Ted’s Rap (Jay Graydon & David Foster)
13 – Ted’s Theme #2 – With Ted’s Rap (Jay Graydon & David Foster)
14 – Ted’s Theme #1 (Jay Graydon & David Foster)
15 – Ted’s Theme #1 – With Ted’s Rap (Jay Graydon & David Foster)
16 – Ted’s Theme #1 – Only The Tail Of Ted’s Rap (Graydon & David Foster)
17 – Sony Jingle (Jay Graydon & Harry Garfield)
18 – If There’s A Way (Instrumental Track) (Jay Graydon & Harry Garfield)
19 – What A Good Is Love (Instrumental Track) (Graydon & Harry Garfield)
20 – It’s Right To Be In Love (Jay Graydon & Bill Champlin)

Lead Vocals, Guitars & Synths : Jay Graydon
Drums : Jeff Porcaro, Willy Ornelas, Mike Baird
Bass : David Hungate, Dave McDaniel, Mike Porcaro
Fender Rhodes : Greg Mathieson
Piano, Fender Rhodes, Synth Strings : David Foster
Lead Vocals : Marc Jordan, Bill Champlin,, Ed Whiting, Tata Vega
and many more



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