HURRICANE ALICE – Hurricane Alice ’86 LP + Hericane Alice ’88 demos *Exclusive*

HURRICANE ALICE - Hurricane Alice '86 LP + Hericane Alice '88 demos full

US hard rockers Hericane Alice are back 2020 with a new album, and we featured here as well their 1990’s major label debut, but few know the band released before a self-managed album in 1986 while still operated under the name HURRICANE ALICE. The band’s style at the moment was more hard rockin’ with a bluesy background, much in the vein of Great White first album.
“Hurricane Alice” only was released on 12” vinyl and never on CD, but our team members have done a very nice, clean LP-rip. We doubt you’ll find a better sounding version of this rare disc elsewhere.
As extra, we have the band’s – re-named Hericane Alice – first generation tape 1988 demos, which lead them to being signed by Atlantic Records.

Originally formed in Minneapolis, Minnesota, in 1984, the first formation of Hurricane Alice comprised guitarist Leni DiMancari with Scott Werner (of Sister Max) on bass, and former Counter Attack man Rusty Miller on drums.
Singer David Reece, then a member of Lillian X (later of Accept and Bangalore Choir), was asked to join but declined.

Then DiMancari, Werner and Miller relocated to Chicago with Head East’s Jeff Meyers to forge a new band unit dubbed Steele. Later removing Meyers from the formula the group, back in Minnesota, took on the Hurricane Alice name again and Bruce Nauman of The Employers was then drafted as lead singer.
However a guy named Bruce Naumann appeared for the vocalist slot, and there was an instant chemisty. The band entered into the studio and recorded ‘Hurricane Alice’, released by themselves.
These songs rock hard, and were very well produced with a punchy sound.
The band was nominated for four Minnesota Music Awards and won the ‘Best band’ category in 1987.

It was time for the band to get their chances in L.A., although only vocalist Bruce Naumann and Rusty took the risk of relocating in California.
Both hooked up with members of another act entitled Danger City to construct a new version of Hurricane Alice. These musicians included bassist Ian Mayo (a veteran of Counter Attack and Surgical Steel), plus guitarist Danny Gill.
For a period the group operated as Danger City but then decided to capitalise on the tri-state following Nauman and James had fostered so switched to Hurricane Alice again.

New songs were demoed in 1988 with a pretty good sound and production. and these would include a cover of Golden Earring’s ‘Radar Love’ (also covered by White Lion).
The tapes were sent to some industry executives and Hurricane Alice went on to ink a deal with Atlantic Records, but were asked to slightly alter their name, following objections from the Enigma signed outfit, hard rockers Hurricane.
‘Hericane Alice’ was chosen. The spelling of the new branding was in fact suggested by Fleetwood Mac’s Stevie Nicks, whom the band shared management with.

As Hericane Alice the band recorded their one and only major label album, ‘Tear The House Down’ produced by Thom Panunzio at A&M Studios in Hollywood. The band toured with the likes of Whitesnake, L.A. Guns, and Skid Row.
Rare and good collectors stuff

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Hurricane Alice ’86 LP
01 – Don’t Say Goodbye
02 – Coming Home
03 – When It’s Over
04 – Rock You All Night Long
05 – After The Storm
06 – Turn You Back
07 – December

Hericane Alice ’88 demos
08 – Long Train (’88 demo)
09 – Get Back (’88 demo)
10 – Shake Shake Shout (’88 demo)
11 – Too Late (’88 demo)
12 – Radar Love (’88 demo)
13 – Crack the Ice (’88 demo)
14 – Heels High (’88 demo)
15 – Dream Girl (’88 demo)

Bruce Naumann – Vocals
Leni DeMancari – Guitars
Scott Werner – Bass, Backing Vocals
Rusty Miller – Drums, Backing Vocals


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