The ”Lost UK Jewels” Vol.18 ; FIRST STRIKE – Just Another Night +1 (2020) *EXCLUSIVE*

The ''Lost UK Jewels'' Vol.18 ; FIRST STRIKE - Just Another Night +1 (2020) *EXCLUSIVE* full

Continuing with the awesome ”Lost Jewels” collectibles, here’s “The Lost UK Jewels Vol.18 ; FIRST STRIKE – Just Another Night +1” one of the latest releases from the series, limited to 500 copies.
As a onetime member of Emmerson and Samson, Mike White had played most of the UKs premier venues at the tender age of 18. He’d supported Iron Maiden on their mammoth UK trek for the ‘Somewhere In Time’ tour and supposedly had the world at his feet.

Unfortunately the music business is a fickle mistress and a disillusioned White walked away from Samson to form First Strike, a band that saw Dave Ling in the pages of Raw Magazine declaring that they had the image and musical ability to take on the big boys.
And its easy to see why he came to that assuption with material such as ‘Nasty’, ‘Girls of the World’ and ‘Hold Tight’ at his disposal : think ’89 Danger Danger with a British touch.

Theirs was the sound of UK AOR / Melodic Rock last great white hope from the late ’80s, a band that should have done so much more but were ultimately washed away by a music scene that was rapidly changing in the early 90s. But what they did leave was a fine musical legacy with this CD being the ample proof.
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01 – Love’s On Fire (recorded 1991)
02 – Nasty (recorded 1991)
03 – Girls Of The World (recorded 1989)
04 – Down And Dirty (recorded 1989)
05 – Hold Tight (recorded 1989)
06 – Laydown (recorded 1992)
07 – Just Another Night (recorded 1991)
08 – She’s Coming Home Again (recorded 1992)
09 – Love Ain’t No Friend (recorded 1992)
10 – Long Way From Home (recorded 1991)
11 – Walks Like A Lady (recorded 1992)
12 – Could This Be Love (Live) (recorded 1990)

Mick White – Lead Vocals
Billy Kulke – Bass, Vocals
Dee Dowling – Guitars, Keyboards, Vocals
Dave Anderson – Drums
Gavin Taylor – Guitars, Vocals
Dave Senzcek – Guitars



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