GREG LAKE – Manoeuvres (feat. Gary Moore) [Cherry Red remastered +1]

GREG LAKE - Manoeuvres [remastered +1] (2016) full

Over the course of his career, talented GREG LAKE has been part of King Crimson, Emerson Lake and Palmer / Powell, Asia, etc, along with recording three solo albums. The two albums Greg Lake recorded during the ’80s; “Greg Lake (1981)” and “Manoeuvres (1983)” have been released by Cherry Red Records in a special two-disc set.
“Greg Lake / Manoeuvres remastered & expanded” have received a fresh remastering treatment which has the personal approval of Lake, plus 4 bonus tracks which have never been included on any re-issue of the albums, only on separate rarities albums.

“Manoeuvres” is Greg Lake’s second solo Eighties album outing in the summer of ’83.
Greg had just done a classic solo turn in ’81 with his self-titled album featuring Gary Moore on guitar, and for this “Manoeuvres” he brought back Moore again and part of the session players including keyboardist Tommy Eyre, bassist Tristian Margetts and drummer Ted McKenna.

This album follows the path of its predecessor, even more melodic and radio friendly.
Here Lake gives us the classic title track “Manoeuvres” blending AOR with sharp guitars, the rockin’ “Too Young To Love” with its great melodic bridge, and the strutting “Paralysed”. Gary Moore’s “A Woman Like You” should have been hit with any help from the recording label at the time.

“I Don’t Wanna Lose Your Love Tonight” is a solid rocker, while one of the album’s classier numbers is “It’s You, You’ve Gotta Believe”, a very ELP like midtempo with excellent keyboards by Tommy Eyre. This is the kind of stuff Lake will write with ELP with Cozy Powell on drums two years after.
“Famous Last Words” is the ballad with some early ’80s flourishes thrown in, “Slave To Love” is quite AOR with nice atmospheres (check Moore’s lovely Spanish guitar here), then the sorrowful sounding “Haunted” is another tune that shows off Greg’s vocal abilities.

GREG LAKE - Manoeuvres [remastered +1] (2016) back

“Manoeuvres” is a great ’80s album from all its edges, from the lush production to the AOR / Radio friendly feel. This “Greg Lake / Manoeuvres remastered & expanded” edition add as bonus rare track recorded in the same era. I don’t know why the tracklist was modified for this reissue, but works nicely anyway.
One thing I must note is the remastering sound; I have the Rock Candy remasters of both albums appeared some years ago, and both – but specially “Manoeuvres” – sound quite different.
This Cherry Red Records remaster is much better in my opinion, particularly the lead vocals are warmer and the drum sound better defined.
A very good ’80s record – Highly Recommended


01 – Manoeuvres
02 – Too Young To Love
03 – Paralysed
04 – A Woman Like You
05 – I Don’t Wanna Lose Your Love Tonight
06 – Famous Last Words
07 – Slave To Love
08 – Haunted
09 – I Don’t Know Why I Still Love
10 – It’s You, You Gotta Believe
11 – Hold Me (Bonus Track)

Greg Lake – Vocals, Guitar
Gary Moore – Guitars
Tristian Margetts – Bass
Tommy Eyre – Keyboards
Ted McKenna – Drums



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