JESPER BINZER – Dying Is Easy [Deluxe Edition +3]

JESPER BINZER - Dying Is Easy [Deluxe Edition +3] full

Vocalist of Danish cult hard rock group D-A-D, JESPER BINZER has just released his second, new album – featured on this blog – and some of you asked for his debut. For the first time in a 33-year career there was some time off in 2017 for Binzer to do some work on his own, and presented his first solo effort ‘Dying Is Easy’, a hot piece of rock n’ roll wonderfully produced (and played) by the great Søren Andersen (Glenn Hughes, Mike Tramp).
But few months after its original release, Binzer put out this “Dying Is Easy [Deluxe Edition +3]” including bonus tracks, songs recorded during the same sessions.

After 11 albums and several thousand shows, D-A-D put themselves on stand-by in 2016, but singer and guitarist Jesper wasn’t ready for relaxing time. The result was a year later a solo-album, his first ever, including a bunch of songs born when Jesper playing acoustic guitar at home, just for fun.
But then lyrics, chords and melodies has been bursting out, and turned into songs. And then Jesper realized that he was actually working on a solo album.

D-A-D is still his main thing, but bandmates wanted a little time off after grueling touring before they went into the songwriting process. But seems Jesper just couldn’t sit still.
All songs were recorded at Medley Studio in Copenhagen with Andersen no only involved in production, but also playing guitar, bass, keyboards, etc, and also helping with some arrangements.
The friendship between Jesper and Søren began years ago, when Søren were stand-in on the bass in D-A-D, and after the tour they started to have sessions when they had some time off.

Being the singer for a band so many years, you can’t escape from the D-A-D sound / songwriting process, and “Dying Is Easy” has much of it. However, and thanks to Andersen, the overall approach is much more Melodic Rock oriented.
Additionally, Binzer’s vocals have a loosely swagger on this record, at places sounding like Aerosmith’s Steven Tyler. Oh yeah, and also the song skeleton’s have some of Aerosmith catchiness.

JESPER BINZER - Dying Is Easy [Deluxe Edition +3] inside

Tunes like ‘Dying Is Easy (Rock´N´Roll Is Hard)’ – one of my favorites – ‘The Future Is Now’, ‘Tell Myself To Be Kind’, the kickin ‘The Space She’s In’ and midtempo ‘Wild Child’ are full-on on electric riffs, while you have acoustics on the pretty DADish ‘Planet Blue’, the bluesy ‘The Bumpy Road’, and the sweet ‘Real Love’, the latter recalling Enuff Z’Nuff.

“Dying Is Easy” is not a just a ‘I-am-boring’ / ‘let’s-make-an-album’ by a singer from a famous band. Jesper Binzer is a talented singer & songwriter, and while here it’s all about good-time rock n’ roll, all is done with Scandinavian precision & rigorosity.
Kudos to Søren Andersen for creating such terrific Melodic Rock surroundings for the recording, with a vital, bright musicianship and performances.

Actually, “Dying Is Easy” is a much better CD than the many established bands albums released that year, and it’s darn catchy and authentic at the same time.
Very, Highly Recommended


01 – The Future Is Now
02 – Dying Is Easy (Rock’N’Roll Is Hard)
03 – Rock on Rock on Rock
04 – Planet Blue
05 – Saint Fantasia
06 – The Bumpy Road
07 – Tell Myself to Be Kind
08 – Real Love
09 – The Space She’s In
10 – I See It in You
11 – Wild Child
12 – Dream Big
13 – Undecided

Jesper Binzer – Vocals
Rune Olsen – Percussion
Jakob Rönlov – Drums
Søren Andersen – Guitars, Bass, Keyboards, Strings, Producer



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