D-A-D – Behind The Seen (Rare Unreleased & B-Sides) (2020)

D-A-D - Behind The Seen (Rare Unreleased & B-Sides) (2020) full

While Danish hard rockers D-A-D were celebrating their 25-year anniversary touring Europe in 2019-2020, Parlophone Denmark released this very limited “Behind The Seen” album featuring rare, unreleased and B-side songs.
Behind The Seen (Rare Unreleased & B-Sides)” packs eight previously unreleased tracks plus 10 rare B-sides and bonus tracks. The album was originally released in 2009 but fans asked for a reissue may times, as most the songs here really deserved a place into the main albums and not just obscure single B-sides, and the unreleased are in the fine quality of D-A-D standards.

There is always a reason why certain songs end up out the actual albums. The songs does not have to be bad, but may just not fit with the overall LP focus.

Take the introductory “Strong where we Belong” as an example of this, as it is a very good tune that in our opinion should have find a slot into any D-A-D’s record.

Same thing with the great hard rocker “Motorlove” which makes you want to drive fast at 2:00 AM with the stereo at the highest volume.
The bluesy “Big Ones” and “Last Mango in Paris” are fun n’ rockin’, with that classic D-A-D riffage & melody.
Highly Recommended


01 – Strong Where I Belong
02 – Women Are Crazy
03 – Wonderful
04 – Stop Me (Before I Kill Again)
05 – The Dentist
06 – Motorlove
07 – Big Ones
08 – Look What The Drug, Dragged In
09 – Burn The Bridges
10 – Last Mango In Paris
11 – I’m A Little Cloud
12 – In Real Life
13 – Favours
14 – Horizon
15 – You Filled Me Head
16 – Jacketless In December
17 – Tyrants
18 – Time Swallows Time

Jesper Binzer – lead vocals, electric guitar
Jacob Binzer – electric guitar
Stig Pedersen – bass guitar, backing vocals
Laust Sonne – drums, backing vocals



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