SANDY STEWART – Cat Dancer [Wounded Bird Records remastered / first time on CD] OOP

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After featuring the second SANDY STEWART LP – under the Blue Yonder moniker – it its natural to feature her first album “Cat Dancer“, fully remastered and put on CD for the first time by Wounded Bird Records. It hasn’t been re-pressed, so this sole CD version is out of print now.
Listening to ”Cat Dancer” you realize singer/songwriter Sandy Stewart should have been an ’80s star. This is radio friendly rock&pop / Lite AOR of the highest quality with mature arrangements and interesting lyrics, plus the bombastic production of the era (1983-84) with Beau Hill involved.
A winner.


01 – Cat Dancers
02 – Get My Way
03 – Think Of Me
04 – Living End
05 – Saddest Victory
06 – Not Like The Others
07 – I Pretend
08 – Mind Over Matter
09 – Leave It All Behind

Vocals, Keyboards, Synths – Sandy Stewart
Guitar, Keyboards – David Monday
Bass – Roger Tausz
Drums, Synths – Parker Bradfield Smith
Drums – Anton Fig, Michael Spencer
Percussion – Bobbye Hall, Parker Bradfield Smith
Backing Vocals – Amanda Blue, Stevie Nicks
Keyboards, Backing Vocals, Producer – Beau Hill


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  1. AOR Fan says:

    I think I have this version but ill download it just in case as i trust this site more for quality rips, Great album!

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