STREETS – Crimes In Mind [Rock Candy remaster]

STREETS - Crimes In Mind [Rock Candy remaster] full

As we said on the previous post, the two excellent albums from melodic rockers STREETS featuring the awesome Steve Walsh (Kansas) and guitar master Mike Slamer have been brilliantly remastered by Rock Candy Records. “Crimes In Mind” is the band’s second and final album, another superb melodic record with some AOR touches.

Fast forward ever so slightly to 1985 and the band’s follow up “Crimes In Mind” has production duties this time around being taken care of by the much acclaimed, and then man of the moment, Beau Hill.
If Street’s 1st is a great one, then wait to hear the terrific “Crimes In Mind”.
From the start with the wonderful “Don’t Look Back”, we’re blessed with another slice of commercial Melodic Rock / AOR heaven, showing a similar approach to the debut but with a bigger, slick glossy sound and a even improved songwriting.

For evidence check out “The Nightmare Begins” or “Broken Glass” with the latter composition taking the form of a power ballad, and again it’s a tune that has me scratching my head as to how it slipped under the American Orientated Radar at the time of release. Unfortunately though I guess with the quality of ballads during the mid to late ’80s being of such a high quality songs like this obviously just got lost in the musical mire ever so easily.

Slamer gets an opportunity to set his guitar ablazing on “Hit ‘N Run”, while all the other songs are extremely melodic, catchy, like “Gun Runner”, title track “Crimes In Mind” and the fun “Rat Race”.

STREETS - Crimes In Mind [Rock Candy remaster] back cover

Although Streets weren’t the commercial success their label were hoping for, both albums should have been platinum sellers.
“Crimes In Mind” is an American Melodic Rock / AOR gem from start to finish, absolutely imperative in your collection. The sound comes pristine out from your speakers with this 24 BIT digital remastered edition by Rock Candy, including 12 page full color booklet, 2500 word essay, enhanced artwork, photos and new band interview.
Almost thirty years on, it really is time to get back on the Streets.
A Must Have


01 – Don’t Look Back
02 – The Nightmare Begins
03 – Broken Glass
04 – Hit ‘N Run
05 – Crimes In Mind
06 – I Can’t Wait
07 – Gun Runner
08 – Desiree
09 – Rat Race
10 – Turn My Head

Steve Walsh – vocals, keyboards
Mike Slamer – guitars
Billy Greer – bass, backing vocals
Tim Gehrt – drums, backing vocals


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