LOVE/HATE – Wasted In America +4 [Bad Reputation remastered] *0dayrox EXCLUSIVE*

LOVE/HATE - Wasted In America +4 [Bad Reputation remastered] *EXCLUSIVE* full

As requested, here we have the Bad Reputation Records remastered reissue of LOVE/HATE‘s second album ”Wasted In America”, including 4 bonus tracks. “Wasted In America” is a unique album – and criminally underrated – from the L.A. rock scene, one that you need in your collection.
Based in Hollywood LOVE/HATE had won a coveted long-term deal with Columbia Records and issued a well-received debut album. It was a record that positioned them as a harder, more street-cred option to the majority of other bands playing around the Hollywood scene – somewhere between Guns N’ Roses and Skid Row but with a twist.
And with Jizzy Pearl they had one of the best frontmen in town, one with the look and attitude to carry them far.

For their 2nd album “Wasted In America” they get new producer, John Jansen, who had worked with a stellar list of hard rock acts including Britny Fox, Bang Tango, Warrant and Faster Pussycat. It looked like a marriage made in heaven and to a degree it was.
“Wasted In America” is an electric and exciting record, produced with bluster and bravado, lending the band a monstrously dirty edge, helping to elevate their songs to another level. The guitars cut through like chainsaws and Jizzy never sounded more in command.

Looking back, it seems like if they hadn’t been so closely associated with the Sunset Strip scene, LOVE/HATE might have been one of those eccentric metal bands that end up being embraced as much, if not more, by non-metal fans.
LOVE/HATE doesn’t really sound like any of the big names of the day, by not doing the predictable, expected thing for a glam / hair metal band at the time, although they would seem to have many of the same ingredients.
“Wasted In America” is wildly inventive, and unique in sound.

This album is sleazy hard rock, but twisted, with original arrangements.
Songs such as the melodic ‘Miss America’, ‘Evil Twin’, ‘Happy Hour’ and the title track itself are among the highlights, but all are strong numbers like the acoustic-strummed plea for mutual tolerance ‘Don’t F@ck With Me’ or the sleazoid delights of ‘Spit’, ‘Cream’, ‘Tranquilizer’ and ‘Time’s Up’.

LOVE/HATE - Wasted In America +4 [Bad Reputation remastered]  back

This highly caffeinated L.A. four-piece came around too late to be anywhere near as big as they should have been, and “Wasted In America” is their finest, top creative moment.
Clever songwriting, outstanding musicianship and first class production, there are no fillers in “Wasted In America” and I really can’t think some other band sounding similar to these guys back in the day.
And now, after all these years, the album still sounds fresh and captivating.

“Wasted In America” put their mark on the early ’90s US hard rock scene, one of the most original releases from the genre and the era, and one to own.
HIGHLY Recommended


01 – Wasted in America
02 – Spit
03 – Miss America
04 – Cream
05 – Yucca Man
06 – Happy Hour
07 – Tranquilizer
08 – Time’s up
09 – Don’t fuck with me
10 – Don’t be afraid
11 – Social Sidewinder
12 – Evil Twin
13 – Castes from Sand
14 – I am the Snake
15 – Why do you think they call it Dope? (Live)
16 – Soul House Tales

Jizzy Pearl – lead and backing vocals
Jon E. Love – guitars, sitar, backing vocals
Skid – bass, backing vocals
Joey Gold – drums, percussion



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