RANSOM (Female Fronted) – Soul Asylum [25th anniversary Remastered reissue]

RANSOM (Female Fronted) - Soul Asylum [25th anniversary Remastered reissue] full

The two albums from US Female Fronted melodic hard rock outfit RANSOM were requested here and it’s a pleasure to fulfill. Here’s the special Limited Edition remastered reissue from Roxx Records to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the band’s second and final album ”Soul Asylum” (1992).
Ransom burst onto the American scene in 1990 featuring the fiery female fronted vocals of Lisa Faxon, a very melodic singer but strong and precise.
Produced by Lanny Cordola (House Of Lords), who also played on several tracks and handled some of the writing duties, as well as a very special guest appearance from Oz Fox of Stryper, the original pressing of this album has been long out of print and tough to find for fans.
Additionally, the album definitely needed a remaster to bring it up to today’s standards, and this 25th anniversary Remastered reissue sounds terrific.

“Soul Asylum” is a more mature album, where the band slightly changed their sound from the glammy polished melodic hard rock of their debut in favor to the bluesy hard rock so in-vogue in 1992.
Cordola brought a beefier production, while Stryper’s Oz Fox makes a guest appearance playing acoustic guitar on the blues romp “Sister Blue.” This song is totally different from the rest of the album, but is crammed full of hooks.

Lisa Faxom’s vocal work all over the album is top notch, from whispering clear notes to powerhouse choruses. Just check out ‘Windows of my Heart’. What a stellar performance, worth the disc alone.
Highly Recommended


01 – Soul Hymn
02 – Exit (Euthanasia)
03 – Windows Of My Heart
04 – The Lies
05 – Prayer Asylum
06 – Only The Just Let Go
07 – Not That Kind Of Girl
08 – Watching Over Me
09 – Higher Ground
10 – Sister Blue

Lisa Faxon – vocals
Tony Ortiz – guitar
Michael Preciado – bass
Roger Mielke – keyboards
Joe Galletta – drums



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