DON FELDER – Airborne [Wounded Bird Records remastered reissue] out of print

DON FELDER - Airborne [Wounded Bird Records remastered reissue] out of print full

As requested, here’s the rare, now out of print reissue of DON FELDER first solo album ”Airborne”. After being The Eagles member, the man who co-wrote the timeless song “Hotel California” released this solo debut LP in 1983 with the help of talented friends like Tris Imboden, the late Carlos Vega, Jeff Lorber, Kenny Loggins, Nathan East, etc.
I laugh out loud when I read ”Airborne” reviews with critics, at the time, saying something like this: “Felder seems to have forgotten the harmonies and ringing arpeggios that made The Eagles famous in favor to a commercial sheen production and radio-oriented rock”… Welcome! I celebrate that.
It was 1983, and ”Airborne” delivers that classic AOR sound from the era. There’s synths, funky bass lines, drums with reverb, and of course Felder’s signature guitar and solid vocals. Felder was aiming for a recording artist career (which didn’t happened) and following The Eagles style would’ve been pointless.

You can clearly tell ”Airborne” was made in the early ’80s, for some people, an outdated sound now. But, as someone who spends most of their time in the Eighties culture via music, movies and TV shows, that’s a plus, not a minus.
Amongst the excellent performances by all session musicians involved, several songs feature background vocals from fellow former Eagles Timothy B. Schmidt. “Never Surrender,” which was co-written with Kenny Loggins (plus background vocals) came out a year before the album, on the ‘Fast Times at Ridgemont High’ movie soundtrack. It is a particular highlight, along with the hooky “Haywire,” the bluesy, intense ‘Asphalt Jungle’ (featuring some tasteful lead guitar), and “Night Owl.”

With the help of mega-producer Albhy Galuten providing a transparent sound, ”Airborne” is pure ’80s, even since the cover artwork.
Highly Recommended


01 – Bad Girls
02 – Winners
03 – Haywire
04 – Who Tonight
05 – Never Surrender
06 – Asphalt Jungle
07 – Night Owl
08 – Still Alive

Don Felder – lead vocals, guitars, keyboards, synthesizer
George “Chocolate” Perry, George Hawkins, Nathan East – bass
Jeff Lorber, Joe Vitale, Michael Murphy – keyboards
Albhy Galuten, Anthony Marinelli – synthesizer
Carlos Vega, Joe Vitale, Russ Kunkel, Tris Imboden – drums
Paulinho da Costa – percussion
James Pankow, Lee Loughnane – horns
Joe Vitale – flute
Dave Mason, Kenny Loggins, Timothy B. Schmit – background vocals


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