SUGARCREEK – Digitally Remastered 3-disc Digipak ; CD2 ‘Rock The Night Away’ +1

SUGARCREEK - Digitally Remastered 3-disc Digipak ; CD2 'Rock The Night Away' +1 full

As requested, here’s the out of print Escape Music triple Digipak of SUGARCREEK albums in remastered form including previously unreleased tracks.
Fronted by Tim Clark, Sugarcreek released their three albums between 1981 / 1984 with that wonderful Pomp AOR sound from the era plenty of melody and keyboard / synth magic, mixing American & European styles for the genre, and subsequently gained a strong cult following on both sides of the Atlantic ocean.
This is the heaven of layered vocal harmonies, swirling keyboard textures, synthesizers and of course, plenty of flashy guitar solos.
If the band’s previous studio album is Pomp’s paradise, then “Rock The Night Away” is classic US AOR heaven. It was 1984, and ‘that sound’ is all over this fantastic recording.

After the release of their classic ‘Fortune’ album two years prior, Sugarcreek were still considered the best kept secret in AOR. That was soon to change, but not before this third release ‘Rock The Night Away’ came out.
By 1984, the musical style had taken on an enhanced commercial sheen, and in the bands own view, a structured approach had to be taken with two guitarists now onboard.
Sugarcreek were still AOR to the core, but this time around they were more radio oriented than they were on ‘Fortune’.

Some of the best Sugarcreek songs are on this record. Tracks like ‘Can’t Stop Thinking About You’, and ‘White Hot’ come alive in the digital remaster environment, and it’s a vast improvement over the old vinyl.
Other tunes that get the rewind treatment over and over include the title track ‘Rock The Night Away’, the lovely ballad pairing of ‘Together Again’ and ‘Never Say Forever’, while the punch drunk melodia of ‘Got My Eye On Her’ is infectious.
The commercial sound of ‘Whats Gonna Happen’ will surely appeal, and then there’s the slightly heavier tunes ‘One Way Street’ and ‘What A Night’.
We also get a studio bonus track called ‘Whatcha Tryin’ to Do To Me’, a zany, quirky piece that would be at home on a Tubes album!

Collectors and fans of this early style of TransAtlantic AOR have traded this material for ages taken from vinyl LP’s, so it is delightful to have all three albums packaged into a neat Digi-Pack, with full remastered treatment also afforded.
The sound quality on these CD’s is simply gorgeous.

Owners of the original LPs or copies obviously know the band’s sound, but for those that don’t, if you enjoyed such other notable bands of this ilk such as as Aviator or Frankie & The Knockouts – this is a must have addition to your collections.
This 3-CD digipak is out of print, but if you find an used copy buy it eyes closed.
A Must


01 – Rock The Night Away
02 – White Hot
03 – Together Again
04 – Lonely Blue
05 – Get My Eye On Her
06 – I Don’t Mean Enough To You
07 – What’s Gonna Happen
08 – Never Say Forever
09 – Love So Strong
10 – One Way Street
11 – Can’t Stop Thinking About You
12 – What A Night
13 – Whatcha Tryin’ To Do To Me (Studio Bonus Track)

Lead Vocals, Percussion – Tim Clark
Synthesizer, Piano, Organ, Clavinet, Vocals – Rick Lee
Guitar, Vocals – Jerry West, Michael Hough
Bass, Vocals – Mike Barber
Drums, Percussion – Lynn Samples


Out of print

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