RIAN – Twenty-Three (2021)

RIAN - Twenty-Three (2021) full

Frontiers Music is presenting the first album with the label from Swedish melodic rock combo RIAN, the band’s sophomore album “Twenty-Three,” which took shape under the direction of producer Daniel Flores (Find Me, The Murder Of My Sweet).
These new songs were written during 2018-2020 and based on melodies and lyrics written by vocalist/guitarist Richard Andermyr. The initial ideas from Richard were crafted into songs that the band arranged together, first with Richard and drummer Jan Johannsson and later on with the full band.

RIAN released their debut album “Out Of The Darkness” in July 2017, which was well received by fans and melodic rock media alike. The band made its live debut during 2018, which began the process of the band becoming more and more of a live unit.
Add the amazing lead guitars of Tobias Jakobsson into the mix with the band and you have the cocktail that makes up the RIAN 2.0 sound.

Rian’s sound is a modern version of classic melodic rock music, the way it was produced in the second half of the 80s. The sound is American, but the melodies and chord progressions have very strong Swedish roots.
Influences such as Bon Jovi, Dokken, Europe, Queensryche, Survivor, and Winger can be heard in the sound. Also, more modern vibes


01 – Stop
02 – In the Dark
03 – Where Do We Run
04 – Twenty-Three
05 – For Your Heart
06 – We Belong
07 – My Ocean
08 – Body and Soul
09 – The Passenger
10 – Stranger to Me
11 – Your Beauty

Richard Andermyr: Vocals / Guitar
Jan Johansson: Drums
Jonas Melin: Bass
Tobias Jakobsson: Lead Guitar


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