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Melodic Rock legends NIGHT RANGER are set to release their 12th studio album, “ATBPO” (which stands for And The Band Played On), an ode to making music during the covid era. The album will be released on August 6, 2021 via Frontiers Music on CD and Color Vinyl (a variety of limited edition versions).
The band began writing the album in early 2020, amid the rise of the global pandemic. After narrowing down the song selection and tightening them up to their well-known rock ‘n roll sound, the band hit the studio, although separately, due to the times we are in.
Throughout ATBPO we hear Night Ranger continuing their hot streak that kicked off with 2011’s “Somewhere In California”. Ten years on, and two highly acclaimed albums later, “High Road” and “Don’t Let Up”, the band’s latest studio work shows them still burning with that melodious high octane hard rock energy.

Night Ranger has always had a knack for killer melodies, intricate instrumentation, and captivating lyrics; ATBPO delivers all of that and more.
‘Coming For You‘ is the opener and a direction-giver for the album. The uptempo starter leaves no doubt that Night Ranger aim to continue rockin’ crunchy as ever. Great melody-lines, the right level of heaviness, and a vitality that can‘t be reached by some of the younger bands, that is Night Ranger in 2021.

‘Breakout‘ is another good-vibe rocker, crispy and with a solid punch. Keyboards enrich the melodic smasher that leads towards ‘Hard to Make It Easy‘. The grooving and piano-supported tune has a nice swing that delights soul and mind.
One can’t help but listen to the nostalgic acoustic power balladry of ‘Can’t Afford A Hero’ and get the impression that Jack Blades and company are taking a few pages out of his stint with the Damn Yankees, culminating in the most memorable entry on a highly infectious collection.

‘The Hardest Road‘ is the soulful and touching highlight of the album. Night Ranger has quite some ballads with ‘Sister Christian‘ being a milestone song. This one though has a strong melancholic expression and goes right through you.
With the towering ‘Monkey‘ and ‘A Lucky Man’ things come closer to an end. ‘Tomorrow’, the closer, is a typical Night Ranger song that units melody, harmony and hard rock spirit.

This album proves that it was an excellent decision that the band, Night Ranger, ‘played on’.
“ATBPO” is an exquisite melodic hard rock album. Dynamics, groove and melodies are interacting in great fashion with Brad Gillis‘ and Keri Kelli‘s guitars getting enough space to shine with rocking riff power and elegant solos.
Contrary to what some cynical talking heads in the online media will suggest, rock is far from dead, and those who still crave it will find a filling, 11 course meal’s worth here to fuel the choir of voices shouting out that you can still rock in America.
This album has the potential of blowing away the grey shades of daily life and add some colors to it, and it’s some the best 50 minutes you’ll spend this year.
HIGHLY Recommended


01 – Coming for You
02 – Bring It All Home to Me
03 – Breakout
04 – Hard to Make It Easy
05 – Can’t Afford a Hero
06 – Cold as December
07 – Dance
08 – The Hardest Road
09 – Monkey
10 – A Lucky Man
11 – Tomorrow

Jack Blades – Bass and Vocals
Kelly Keagy – Drums and Vocals
Brad Gillis – Guitars
Eric Levy – Keyboards
Keri Kelli – Guitars


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