STARCASTLE – Citadel [Rock Candy remastered] *0dayrox Exclusive*

STARCASTLE - Citadel [Rock Candy remastered] *0dayrox Exclusive* full

As requested, here’s the pristine Rock Candy Records remastered & reloaded reissue of American prog / pompsters STARCASTLE third album “Citadel“.
As with their second album, “Citadel” had Roy Thomas Baker as producer who together with the band and the record label decided to give the music a touch of commercialism, with shorter tracks and more radio appeal.
Certainly opener ‘Shine On Brightly’ could have been an AOR classic FM single and ‘Cant Think Twice’ is as close to the band ever came to a drivin’ rock song, something which was already happening in America with bands of this ilk, like Journey or Angel.

Since its origins, Starcastle instantly connected with an audience hoping to hear the complexities of British prog fused with the ballistic fire-power of Boston. Indeed, in this quest, Starcastle took no prisoners, throwing all caution to the wind.
‘Citadel’, the band’s third album originally released in 1977, satisfied on all counts. Arguably their most accessible album, it promotes raging pomp-rock mayhem held in place by long keyboard driven passages and vocals to die for.

Supremely melodic, yet surprisingly gutsy, this work of brilliance was produced by none other than Queen collaborator Roy Thomas Baker, a man unafraid to utilise all the technical tricks and know-how at his disposal. The results, on every level, are a truly breathtaking accomplishment.

‘Citadel’ is rich in melody. Every song without exception delivers faultless harmonies that shine forth like beams of light through the fog — and the instrumental interplay beneath is always exciting. Of course old traits die hard and the likes of ‘Shadows of Songs’ and ‘Evening Wind’ still retain the prog influences.

Starcastle was a top-notch band, and with ‘Citadel’ delivered another quality album, very well remastered by Rock Candy with a clean sound.
Highly Recommended

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01 – Shine On Brightly
02 – Shadows Of Songs
03 – Can’t Think Twice
04 – Wings Of White
05 – Evening Wind
06 – Change In Time
07 – Could This Be Love
08 – Why Have They Gone

Terry Luttrell – Lead vocals
Herb Schildt – Synthesizers, organ, piano
Gary Strater – Bass guitar, Moog pedals, vocals
Stephen Hagler – Guitars, vocals
Matthew Stewart – Guitars, vocals
Stephen Tassler – Drums, percussion, vocals


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