LEE ABRAHAM (Galahad) – Only Human (2021)

LEE ABRAHAM (Galahad) - Only Human (2021) full

British prog rock musician LEE ABRAHAM (Galahad) doesn’t stops and his effervescent pen keeps busy all the time, and continuing with his annual run of album releases he just presented ”Only Human”, his stunning new (9th solo) album released exactly 1 year after the extremely well received ‘Harmony/Synchronicity’ last year.
Inspired by world events of the past 2 years, Abraham, who alongside his main instrument -the guitar-plays keyboards/synths and bass, has written a thought provoking collection of songs that examine how we process life and our own fit within it.
Impressive singers Marc Atkinson (Riversea, Nine Stones Close) and Peter Jones (Red Bazar, Camel) put their vocals on all songs, and other remarkable musicians contribute as well.

The album centrepiece is the epic opening song ‘Counting Down’. Clocking in at around 30 minutes, the song progresses through different musical styles and arrangements, commenting on the human pretense to wish life away, just counting down the years.
I won’t call ‘Counting Down’ a prog epic, as this is much more than that. It’s like 4 songs into one, each seamlessly flowing into one yet not via an ‘epic factor’, but more like a melancholic, melodic chain of awesome sounds and arrangements. The vocal parts by Peter Jones are terrific too, clean, immersive.

‘Counting Down’ is the most complete progressive rock song ever written by Abraham as solo artist, plenty of intelligent arrangements and great melodies. It’s quite a journey, and keeps you interested all the time.
And then you find 4 ‘bonus’… yes, after that impressive 30 minute experience the rest of the songs work as album’s complement, but of the greatest quality. These are song format numbers, some with an almost pop/melodic rock feeling however inventive, progressive in structure but not necessary ‘busy’.

If you want, call ”Only Human” a two-part album. The opening number is a tremendous example of how to construct a captivating and enjoyable progressive piece, and in the second half of the album Lee Abraham also demonstrates his mastery for the shorter, more accessible rock&pop melodic rock song.
There is great skill in either facet of his repertoire, and this new album demonstrates Abraham as an artist equally at home with widescreen soundscapes or earworm hooks and melodies. Whatever direction his music takes he embroiders them with artfully skilled guitar work, sometimes thrilling, sometimes emotional, but always entertaining.
”Only Human” will surely rank as one of the top Progressive albums of 2021 for many.


01. Counting Down
– I. Your Life?
– II. The System
– III. I Want Out
– IV. Counting Down
02. Only Human
03. Days Gone By
04. Falling Apart
05. The Hands of Time

Lee Abraham (Galahad) / guitars, keyboards, bass
Gerald Mulligan (Credo) / drums
Marc Atkinson (Riversea, Nine Stones Close) / vocals
Peter Jones (Tiger Moth Tales, Red Bazar, Camel) / vocals
Rob Arnold / piano
Mark Spencer / backing vocals


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