PETRA – More Power to Ya (1982) [Digitally Remastered 2021] HQ

PETRA - More Power to Ya (1982) [Digitally Remastered 2021] full

Girder Records has just reissued three iconic PETRA albums. These limited run melodic hard rock classics are back in remastered deluxe editions on both vinyl and CD so fans can rediscover just what made these albums so pivotal in the history of CCM, as well as introduce them to those who may have missed these iconic releases the first time around.
Petra got its start in 1972 as one of the pioneers of Christian Rock, even Stryper fans would never enter into a debate on who the greatest Christian Rock Band of all time is.

1982’s ”More Power to Ya” was Petra’s fifth album and the one that changed everything. Previously sounding classic rock with some bluesy vibes, Petra had been working out the bugs to perfect a polished melodic rock / AOR progressive-rock sound.
On ”More Power to Ya” they finally crafted a style that could easily lock horns with anything on the industry charts and stand toe to toe with bands like Styx, Boston, and Journey. Heck, even Toto’s Steve Porcaro play here.
This is a new 2021 remaster which blows out of the water the previous.

As Petra soared to new heights with Greg X. Volz, Bob Hartman and Louie Weaver, ”More Power to Ya” was THAT defining album that broke down all the barriers. Their new radio-friendly, AORish progressive(ish) rock sound began receiving attention from the mainstream music industry.
In case you wondered if this was a significant change, Billboard dubbed ”More Power to Ya’ a “Top Album Pick” and praised the band’s “surging music, tough lyrics and effective vocals.”
Look no further than the powerful rockers “Second Wind” and “Judas’ Kiss” for songs that defined the CCM rock genre.

Although this album was reissued nine years ago as a 25th Anniversary Edition in 2012, it lacked the punch, low-end, and definition that remastering now affords, leaving fans wanting more. But now in the hands of Rob Colwell it sounds new, fresh and somehow relevant, again.
Highly Recommended


01 – Stand Up
02 – Second Wind
03 – More Power to Ya
04 – Judas’ Kiss
05 – Rose Colored Stained Glass Windows
06 – Run for the Prize
07 – All Over Me
08 – Let Everything That Hath Breath
09 – Road to Zion
10 – Disciple

Greg X. Volz – lead vocals
Bob Hartman – guitars
John Slick – keyboards, backing vocals, synths
Mark Kelly – bass guitar, backing vocals
Louie Weaver – drums
additional musicians:
Steve Porcaro – synthesizer



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