BLACKFOOT – Strikes [Rock Candy remastered & reloaded]

BLACKFOOT - Strikes [Rock Candy remastered] full

Another must have from the Rock Candy Remastered & Reloaded series from legends BLACKFOOT is the kicking “Strikes“, the album which make them really popular (Platinum certified) and features their biggest hit ‘Train, Train’.

Blackfoot was the hard rock version of southern rock’s finest bands. Where Lynyrd Skynyrd and the Allman Brothers would take time between rocking out with a ballad, or a blues song or, in the Allmans case, a jazzy number, Blackfoot did nothing but pump out balls-to-the-wall southern fried rock and roll.
And “Strikes” was the first album ever mixing US southern rock with Hard Rock. And it’s a killer.

With “Strikes”, Blackfoot released an album that will forever be mentioned in the ‘best of southern rock’ lists for ages to come. Led by vocalist / guitarist Rickey Medlocke, Blackfoot was signed by ATCO Records.
Previously, they leaned more towards the Marshall Tucker style of southern rock, but when they released Strikes in 1979 it was clear from the first note that things had changed for the band.
There would be no more sweet shit; that was replaced by loud, cranked up guitars and a high energy hard rock approach.

‘Road Fever’ opens the album and sets the scene for ten tracks of blistering southern / hard rock. The album paid homage to artists who influenced all Blackfoot musicians, as the remakes of Spirit’s ‘I’ve Got a Line on You’ and Free’s ‘Wishing Well’ show.
Of course, Medlocke and the rest of the band give a tip of the hat to Rickey’s uncle Shorty Medlocke, as he provides the mouth harp on the famous intro to Blackfoot’s hardest rocking and classic tune ‘Train, Train’ .
The album ends with ‘Highway Song’ which is not only Blackfoot’s most iconic track, it is one of southern rocks’ most epic songs.

BLACKFOOT - Strikes [Rock Candy remastered] back

With “Strikes”, Blackfoot took Lynyrd Skynyrd mold and kicked it up a notch, incorporating just enough heavy metal to make it rock-hard, but still retaining their southern roots.
The band hit it big with “Strikes” and began a run of three terrific albums (Marauder, Tomcattin’) that took them from being a footnote in the genre, to making them one of the big players.
Like most great southern rock albums, the sound and style is instantly recognizable… as is the attitude. This sucker has them all.

As if the sounds and smells of the album were not enough, Rock Candy Records made it even better by fully re-mastering the sound, shaped from 24 BIT digital technology.
Blackfoot rule. “Strikes” rule. A damn yankees ass kickin’ record.
HIGHLY Recommended.


01 – Road Fever
02 – I Got A Line On You
03 – Left Turn On A Red Light
04 – Pay My Dues
05 – Baby Blue
06 – Wishing Well
07 – Run And Hide
08 – Train, Train (Prelude)
09 – Train, Train
10 – Highway Song

Rickey Medlocke – lead vocals, guitar
Charlie Hargrett – guitar
Greg T. Walker – bass guitar, keyboards, vocals
Jakson Spires – drums, percussion, vocals
Pat McCaffrey – keyboards
Shorty Medlocke – harmonica (track 8)
Cub Koda – harmonica (track 9)
Donna Davis, Pamela Vincent, Cynthia Douglas – backing vocals
Henry “H-Bomb” Weck – percussion, recording engineer, producer



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