ROGER GLOVER AND THE GUILTY PARTY – Snapshot+ (remastered + bonus) (2021)

ROGER GLOVER AND THE GUILTY PARTY - Snapshot+ (remastered + bonus) (2021) full

Almost 20 years after the release of his fourth solo album, ROGER GLOVER has announced the long-awaited re-release of “Snapshot”. The album is out October 8 on CD, with vinyl arriving on November 19.
In 2002, the DEEP PURPLE bassist joined forces with vocalist Randall Bramblett, daughter Gillian Glover, and guitarist Warren Haynes, among others – The Guilty Party – to deliver this varied rock album.
The re-release comes with a big plus – re-titled “Snapshot+” as it not only brings back these 14 original songs but also comes with five previously unreleased bonus demo tracks, all fully remastered which show the album in a completely new light. The album will also be issued on vinyl for the first time ever, with new artwork.

Being a life-long Deep Purple fan makes it seem like you’re obligated to check out all of the satellite and solo projects. In many ways it’s a good thing because you get to be exposed to a lot of good music.
In the case of Glover, if you are expecting another record full of Deep Purple-like music, you’ve definitely bought the wrong record.
Everything that Glover as a solo-artist has put out, have never sounded like Purple. Far from it! Snapshot is brimful of tastefully played rock music, usually appreciated by older bluesy fans.

”Snapshot+” is a very varied album, probably unlike anything Glover did as a solo artist. It’s an album that you put on late night, and relax to it.
We find many guest musicians on this album, and that’s probably why it sounds so different and diverse. There are some southern rock influences here, but they seem to be very gentle. It must’ve been the touring Purple did with Lynyrd Skynyrd that eventually rubbed off on Roger.

While musically ”Snapshot+” easily could be tagged as blues rock, that’s not exactly where it fits. There’s a lot of acoustic / campfire rock, some Americana, etc.
If fact, most the songs here bring to mind Dire Straits. Take a listen to ‘Could Have Been Me’ for a proof.
This album is a real departure from what Glover does with Deep Purple, as all his solo albums. And it makes sense – why would he want to do solo albums that are identical to what he’s already released with his famous band?
”Snapshot+’ is definitely some good music. Deep Purple fans will pick it up out of curiosity, and others may accidentally get into it as well. Basically it’s an album that fits any mood you might be in.
Highly Recommended


01 – My Turn (Remastered)
02 – Burn Me up Slowly (Remastered)
03 – Beyond Emily (Remastered)
04 – Queen of England (Remastered)
05 – No Place to Go (Remastered)
06 – The Bargain Basement (Remastered)
07 – What You Don’t Say (Remastered)
08 – Nothing Else (Remastered)
09 – Could Have Been Me (Remastered)
10 – The More I Find (Remastered)
11 – When It Comes to You (Remastered)
12 – Some Hope (Remastered)
13 – If I Could Fly (Remastered)
14 – It’s Only Life (Remastered)
Previously unreleased:
15 – Beyond Emily (Demo)
16 – Burn Me up Slowly (Demo)
17 – My Turn (Demo)
18 – Nothing Else (Demo)
19 – The Bargain Basement (Demo)

Roger Glover: Bass guitar, Guitar, Vocals, Piano
Randall Bramblett: Lead Vocals, Keyboards, Saxophone
Joe Bonadio: Drums and Percussion
Nick Moroch: Guitar
Eran Tabib: Slide Guitar
Joe Mennona: Horns
Larry Saltzman: Guitar
Warren Haynes: Guitar
Gerry Leonard: Guitar
Mickey Lee Soule: Piano
Gillian Glover: Vocals
Vaneese Thomas: Background vocals
Deena Miller: Background vocals


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