HEARTLAND – Into The Future (2021)

HEARTLAND - Into The Future (2021) full

It’s finally here; “Into The Future” is British AORsters HEARTLAND first album in 14 years. always fronted by talented vocalist Chris Ousey, partner Steve Morris (guitar) is no longer part of the band but he has been replaced by none other than American guitarist Mike Slamer (Seventh Key / Streets), who also co-writes and co-produced & mixed.
In fact, Seventh Key / Street is the musical director of this new HEARTLAND era, and his influence both in sound & style is clearly recognizable all over the record.
“Into The Future” is bright, crisp melodic hard rock / AOR, plenty of timeless melodies and smooth choruses.

Chris Ousey has had an excellent singing career that goes way back to the times of “Monroe” and “Virginia Wolf” and along the way we have had “The Distance”, “Ozone” and “Snakecharmer” but he will always be known for the much loved “Heartland”.
He is nicknamed “The man with the golden tonsils” and that is a fine accolade indeed for he has earned it. His effortless vocal range has gained him a top spot in the world of classic UK hard rock. Heartland was formed in 1990 by Chris Ousey and Gary Sharpe and Steve Morris joined in 1995 when Heartland III was released (the first release for Escape Music).

Here we have an album that reflects the prowess of all the musicians involved on this album / era, featuring the fantastic Slamer and Ged Rylands (Ten / Rage of Angels / Tyketto) along with the seasoned Barish Kepic, Wayne Banks and David Anthony.
“Into the Future” is typically Heartland, the style is immediately recognised yet there is a fresh, vibrant feel that gives the fans something new.
This is what melodic rock is all about folks…
HIGHLY Recommended


01 – A Foreign Land
02 – Caught Up
03 – A Living Thing
04 – Giving It All Away
05 – A Dangerous Game
06 – Climbing Your Wall
07 – Mouth to Mouth
08 – Not Guilty
09 – Bolt from the Blue
10 – White Lies
11 – Working for the Man
12 – When the Band Plays
13 – Sleeping With Lights On

Chris Ousey – Lead Vocals
Mike Slamer – Guitars, Keyboards (Seventh Key / Street)
Barish Kepic – Guitar and keyboards (Jaded Heart)
Ged Rylands – keyboards (Ten / Rage Of Angels / Tyketto)
Wayne Banks – Bass (Saxon / Brazen Abbot / Robin Gibb)
David Anthony – Drums (Dennis DeYoung)



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  1. Scupp says:

    This one has all the makings of a classic. Can’t wait!

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