SPACE ELEVATOR – Persona Non Grata (2022)

SPACE ELEVATOR - Persona Non Grata (2022) full

After their celebrated debut album, female fronted rockers SPACE ELEVATOR are back with new album “Persona Non Grata” to be released next February 25th. It’s amazing that this British combo sound so downright American! This is no British Invasion nor the coming of a new wave, but if we had to put our fingers on it, it’s more like the second coming of Pat Benatar – classic, ‘70s and ‘80s-tinged, American rock n’ roll.
Space Elevator continue to deliver a great blend of catchy, rocking power pop music that is rooted in classic rock with a slight ’80s radio element. The Duchess hooks you right in, delivering stellar vocals that are well paired with David Young’s limitless selection of hooky guitar riffs and grooves.

While Space Elevator’s was really bombastic and flamboyant, “Persona Non Grata” is more direct, rockier, to the bone. There’s some dark tones as well like on ‘Passive Aggression’, and fun, humor on ‘Stevie Nicks Smile’.
Bands today don’t write songs like these, and while the vibe may take you back a few years, it comes across as something fresh and pleasantly different. Young’s guitar work is excellent, and while a discerning ear will notice the obvious Brian May influence, the band’s style of songwriting is more in the vein of Pat Benatar, Heart and Meatloaf.

A driving rhythm section, great guitar riffs and tones, sexy female vocals with rocking attitude… it’s all here in spades. Space Elevator’s “Persona Non Grata” delivers more of what you got from their previous CD, though with a bit less keyboard work, but you’ll keep coming back for more anyway.
Did we mention the great guitars and vocals? This is old-school good rock ‘n roll (with a great modern production and mix), and as such, it happens to sound quite new.
Highly Recommended


01 – Persona Non Grata, Pt. 1
02 – Persona Non Grata, Pt. 2
03 – Duchess Of This Town
04 – Passive Aggression
05 – Stevie Nicks Smile
06 – First Girl On The Moon
07 – Ritchie (See You Later Baby)
08 – Cheerful Frank
09 – Love You Better
10 – I Will Hold On To You
11 – Reverie And Souvenirs

The Duchess – Lead and Backing Vocals
David Young – Guitars
Brian Greene – Drums and Percussion
Chas Maguire – Bass, Backing Vocals


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  1. LDKO says:

    Woow this sounds indeed modern old-school good rock ‘n roll !!
    Can you report their previous albums . Especially the one from 2018 looks promising

  2. Waz says:

    Links are wrong

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