THE NEPTUNE POWER FEDERATION - Le Demon De L’Amour (2022) full

The stylistic diaspora of heavy metal has transformed it into one of the most diverse genres prominent in the modern era; despite this resplendent variety, though, there remains a steadfast cult of followers utterly devoted to maintaining the original strain of metal, that unholy phenomenon birthed from psychedelia and heavy blues that reigned before the advent of metal’s multifarious subgenres.
One such band carrying this mantle deep into the future is Australian outfit THE NEPTUNE POWER FEDERATION. A squadron of leather-clad rock-‘n’-roll occultists, their project was created as an aesthetic and cultural tribute to that first era of heavy metal, paying homage specifically to the heaviest material created between 1968 and 1978.
However, the band claim that their new album “Le Demon De L’Amour” is a collection of ‘love songs’. Well, lyrical maybe, but musically these guys are all about classic rock, classic metal, groove and catchy melodies.

The Neptune Power Federation was originally conceived in 2012 as an international studio project with instrumentalists based in Sydney and a vocalist working out of California. What first began as an old-school metal act was quickly embellished into a more theatrical outfit, with guitarist Inverted Crucifox stating that the band’s goal was to, “pay [their] sonic respects to Queen, Motörhead, and T-Rex,” among others.
In 2015, however, the identity of the band transformed with the arrival of frontwoman Screamin’ Loz Sutch and her cosmic stage persona “The Imperial Priestess” around whom the band’s phantasmagorical lore is now entirely based.
Though the band’s core mission was unaltered by this addition, the scope of grandiosity at which their music operates expanded tenfold.

Back with another unique album of swagger, these rockers are looking to take back love songs. A staple of rock once upon a time, The Neptune Power Federation’s ”Le Demon De L’Amour” is bringing it back in glorious ’80s fashion.
If the idea behind this album makes you smile, then you’re in for a damn good time. Grooving in classic style from the start, Weeping on The Morn sees The Neptune Power reaching into their bag of rock tricks to pull out a peppy, bouncy, and energetic rock number. A blast from the past, it’s the perfect start to this album but it also has a lot of The Neptune Power Federation’s staples as it gets proggy.

My Precious One is a much shorter slab of hard rock to move to but if you want a little bit of sexy 70’s groove then Baby You’re Mine will deliver. Both tracks are cut from the same cloth but so different it’s quite unbelievable. Such is the capabilities of this band to provide an eclectic array of tunes, even when keeping the overall sound rooted in a specific era and style.

An incredible vocal display and rhythmic beat are at focal points of Loving You Is Killing Me, but the brief melody drop and massive solo that follows can’t be ignored either. Stay with Thee then features a return of the animated moving, massive riffs, love-infused rockiness and shaking before Emmaline showcases deep melodies and grandiose vibes.
Madly in Love is the penultimate track and sees The Neptune Power Federation continue to provide us with energetic bangers that make you want to get up and dance. They’re clearly having so much fun and it comes through a track like this nicely. They’re having fun so we’re having fun.
Which also comes through in the Meat Loaf style We Beasts of the Night. A track that is a far more entertaining than it has any right to be. The two vocalists crafting a story of dark love and desire.

The Neptune Power Federation is a unique band, and ‘Le Demon De L’Amour’ will send you on a nostalgia trip back in time but is fresh enough to work in modern times.
Highly Recommended


01 – Weeping on the Morn
02 – My Precious One
03 – Baby You’re Mine
04 – Loving You is Killing Me
05 – Stay with Thee
06 – Emmaline
07 – Madly in Love
08 – We Beasts of the Night

Screaming Loz Sutch: vocals
Inverted Crucifox: guitar, vocals
Seek And Destroy: guitar
Jaytanic Ritual: bass
Mr Styx: drums


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