ALDO NOVA – The Life and Times of Eddie Gage (2022)

ALDO NOVA - The Life and Times of Eddie Gage (2022) full

Multi-platinum Grammy Award-winning singer, songwriter, producer, guitarist, multi-instrumentalist and ’80s AOR hero ALDO NOVA has set April 1 as the release date for the first chapter of his larger-than-life rock opera, a 10-song first album titled “The Life And Times Of Eddie Gage“.
The iconic Montreal maverick — who has spent more than four decades in music with dozens of classic songs and hundreds of shows — is proud to present the first part of “The Life And Times Of Eddie Gage”, perhaps his more complex piece of work to date.
It tells the story of Eddie Gage, a prodigious ingénue who breaks into the music industry only to be preyed upon by a nefarious suit Andy Christos, manipulated by a corporate overlord M.F. Stophalis, and tempted by a succubus Rati Ayida. Drugs, alcohol, and excess plunge him into despair until he realizes redemption on his own terms.
Musically the album is a mix of high-energy rockers packed with Aldo’s passionate vocals and thunderous guitar work with melodic atmospheric slow numbers. The album is a showcase as well to appreciate how good rock guitar player Nova is.

The musical journey of “The Life And Times Of Eddie Gage” began in 2008, when Aldo started to assemble what would become 25 songs (which Aldo will eventually release). Throughout the work, Aldo distills his often-unbelievable musical journey into the allegory of the rock opera, which he wrote, produced, arranged, engineered, and mixed entirely.
The recording includes a 40-piece orchestra, a full gospel choir, Lee Levin on drums, and mastering from the legendary Bob Ludwig.

While seems there will be a double album of “The Life And Times Of Eddie Gage” in the future expanding the story, this current version works greatly. Every song is different, written around every character. One thing that is in common is Aldo’s playing and his music, which draw in emotion.
A strong piece of work from this talented Canadian.
Highly Recommended


01 – Hey Ladi Dadi
02 – Free Your Mind
03 – Follow the Road
04 – King of Deceit
05 – The Bitch in Black
06 – On The Way To The Psycho Ward
07 – When All is Said and Done
08 – Say a Little Prayer
09 – Burn Like the Sun
10 – Les Anges

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