KIK TRACEE – No Rules + Field Trip [Bad Reputation 2xCD remastered + bonus] (2021)

KIK TRACEE - No Rules + Field Trip [Bad Reputation 2xCD remastered + bonus] (2021) full

One of you requested this very good release remastered by Bad Reputation Records: KIK TRACEE‘s 2-CD pack including their albums ”No Rules” and ”Field Trip”. While these are Nineties productions and usually these already sound fine on CD, the quality obtained with this remaster is impressive. Especially ”No Rules” gets a new dimension, a hard rocking punch and detail never heard before.
For a brief moment in the early ’90s, many rock insiders predicted huge things for Californians Kik Tracee. The Los Angeles melodic rock group had already conquered their famously competitive local club circuit and signed a record deal with major label RCA.
Their debut album, 1991’s “No Rules” featured hook-laden rockers typical from the era, but Kik Tracee offered many more sonic treats.

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CD 1: No Rules remastered
01. Don’t Need Rules
02. Mrs. Robinson
03. You’re So Strange
04. Trash City
05. Hard Time
06. Big Western Sky
07. Generation Express
08. Soul Shaker
09. Tangerine Man
10. Lost
11. Velvet Crush
12. Rattlesnake Eyes (Strawberry Jam)
13. Romeo Blues
14. Fade Dunaway
15. Gentle Persuasion
Bonus Tracks:
16. In Trance (Live) Previously unreleased on CD
17. Velvet Crush (Live) Previously unreleased on CD


CD 2: Field Trip remastered
01. Outta My Bed
02. Field Trip
03. In Trance
04. Walking With A Dead Girl
05. Drop In The Ocean
06. Blood Brother
Bonus Track:
07. Kik & Talk (Previously unreleased on CD)


Stephen Shareaux – lead vocals
Michael Marquis – guitars, backing vocals
Gregory Hex – guitars, backing vocals
Rob Grad – bass, backing vocals
Johnny Douglas – drums, percussion, backing vocals



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