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Presented at 0dayrox when released some time ago, here’s a re-vamp as requested by many.
Winnipeg’s prodigal sons HARLEQUIN were a fine example of an act that benefited from what was called ‘CanCon’ : Canadian Content, a local Commission that required radio and television broadcasters must air a certain percentage of content at least partly written, produced, presented or otherwise contributed to by persons from Canada.
It didn’t hurt either that Harlequin were ‘accidently’ signed to the giant, international CBS corporation, following the absorption of an independent production company that the band had signed to earlier in their career.
Love Crimes” was the second (but first on a major label) album from the band, produced by Jack ‘Aerosmith’ Douglas in New York at the famed Record Plant Studios.
It was an album achieving Platinum status in Canada, making inroads into the US where the band played shows with the likes of Survivor, Triumph and John Waite.

HARLEQUIN - Love Crimes [Rock Candy remaster] booklet

Featuring an amazing vocalist (George Belanger), superbly crafted songs and a melodic yet hard hitting sound, “Love Crimes” remains a classic creation, with rough-hewn guitar work, lovely keyboards, memorable melody and hugely satisfying hooks.

Of course radio-potent melodic rock was only one side of “Harlequin”s sound. True to their name, Harlequin induce an undercurrent of theatricality to their sound which, at parts, comes through the vocals and rhythm section on such songs as “Heaven” and “Love on the Rocks”.
For the biggest part, however, “Love Crimes” remains a straightforward early ’80s Melodic Rock / AOR offering that could stand toe to toe with Survivor or Foreigner.
The album features one of the band’s greatest hits in “Innocence” (just love this tune, a Classic), the gloriously melodic “It’s All Over Now” and the intense “Can’t Hold Back”, all first class melodic rockers that shine even brighter thanks to this awesome re-mastering process.

HARLEQUIN - Love Crimes [Rock Candy remaster] back

Long time out of print, the Rock Candy 24-bit remastering from original source tapes of “Love Crimes” is excellent.
I highly recommend that you catch it before it disappears again.


01 – Innocence
02 – Love On The Rocks
03 – Thinking Of You
04 – It’s All Over Now
05 – Heaven (Dial 999)
06 – Sayin’ Goodbye To The Boys
07 – Wait For The Night
08 – Crime Of Passion
09 – Can’t Hold Back
10 – Midnight Magic

George Belanger – vocals
Glen Willows – guitars
Gary Golden – keyboards
Ralph James – bass
David Budzak – drums



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  1. Ray says:

    Harlequin’s debut, Victim of a Song might not have had a US release, but it was on a major label, Epic (as was this second one)…it was on Columbia in the US. Same company.

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