UNION (J. Corabi) – Union +1 [Japan Edition] +2 0dayrox extras

UNION (J. Corabi) - Union +1 [Japan Edition] +2 0dayrox extras full

This is a really nice request as this band needs to be discovered by masses. UNION was formed in 1997 when ex-KISS guitarist Bruce Kulick, ex-MOTLEY CRUE vocalist and guitarist John Corabi, bassist James Hunting (DAVID LEE ROTH), and drummer Brent Fitz (SLASH) united to form a band. Kulick left Kiss after they decided to go back to their original lineup, and Corabi left Mötley Crüe under similar circumstances.
I remember back in time when I first heard the band’s self-titled debut, 1998’s “Union” – at first I was a bit confused, somehow it sounded ‘grungy’… dude, after some few songs I was amazed.
This is indeed a super-group, and all the individual talents shine here but working as ‘a real union’. The sound is dark at places, yet highly regarding believe me. Then impressive acoustic bluesy based tunes appear, there’s even second half of the Nineties AOR into the mix.
This now rare Japanese Edition includes an exclusive bonus track, and 0dayrox always give more: the bonus track from the 2002 reissue and an outtake from the original session, a very good finished track.

Recently all Union albums were reissued including bonus tracks, buy only on vinyl LP limited edition unfortunately sold out. Hope hope for a CD reissue soon.
Highly Recommended

Only at 0dayrox


01 – Old Man Wise
02 – Around Again
03 – Pain Behind Your Eyes
04 – Love (I Don’t Need It Anymore)
05 – Heavy D…
06 – Let It Flow
07 – Empty Soul
08 – October Morning Wind
09 – Get Off My Cloud
10 – Tangerine
11 – Robin’s Song
12 – For You (Bonus Track for Japan)

0dayrox extras:
13 – Oh Darling (reissue Bonus Track)
14 – Walking In Your Sleep (Outtake from the 1998 sessions)

John Corabi – lead vocals, guitars
Bruce Kulick – guitars, vocals
Jamie Hunting – bass, vocals
Brent Fitz – drums, vocals


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