THE DEAD DAISIES – Make Some Noise (2016)

THE DEAD DAISIES - Make Some Noise (2016) full

Super-group THE DEAD DAISIES are back with a new rocking album titled “Make Some Noise” having enlisted two new members: singer John Corabi (Ratt, Motley Crue) and guitarist Doug Aldrich (Whitesnake, Dio).
If the band was already stupendous, wait to hear Aldrich’s incredible guitar playing.

The best choice out of this would be to combine the classic and the fresh; surprisingly or not, this is exactly what The Dead Daisies embarked on in their Rock n’ Roll voyage. And as this particular super-group relied on the revolving door formula for the most of their career, such a choice was almost obvious. The band’s third album “Make Some Noise” reflects that well.
Including Brian Tichy (Ozzy Osbourne, Foreigner), David Lowy (Mink), John Corabi (Mötley Crüe, Union, The Scream) and Marco Mendoza (Thin Lizzy, Whitesnake) all on board alongside the most recent addition of a guitar wizard Doug Aldrich, known from Whitesnake and Dio, the band simply Rocks.

‘We All Fall Down’ is a thick, modern riff and feisty hook, a deliberate homage to the contemporary era rather than a throwback to the past. ‘Song And A Prayer’ is certainly more radio-friendly than its predecessor, its choruses somewhat Aerosmith-esque.
‘Mainline’ adds a bit of rough bluesy flavor to the band’s sound with its unbelievable intensity and a generous dose of Doug Aldrich’s impeccable licks.

Simple, but powerful drum beat and group chant of the album’s title track brings to mind the picture of a sea of fists pumping up in the air and fans chanting together with their idols. It’s the same primal power of Rock music that was captured and immortalized in dozens if not hundreds of songs prior to this one, such as Queen’s classic We Will Rock You. It’s thus no wonder such seasoned musicians as The Dead Daisies understand how seductive it remains, in spite of its simplicity. Also their approach to Creedence Clearwater’s Revival ‘Fortunate Son’ remains rather unsophisticated, their take on it being no drastic alteration in comparison to the original.

THE DEAD DAISIES - Make Some Noise (2016) inside

Perhaps my favorite track should be the infectious ‘Last Time I Saw the Sun’, a hit of Cinderella shoulda written plus with a shot of Mötley Crüe – shaken, stirred, and distilled to hear over and over again.
Further into the album, no prisoners are taken. ‘Mine All Mine’, ‘How Does It Feel’, ‘Freedom’ are all gritty, groovy pieces exceptional for their intensity. With the feistiness of ‘All The Same’ approaching, you can’t help but wonder if modern-day Aerosmith is still able to deliver such treats in the recording studio.
With a certain laid-back, live vibe to it, the final track ‘Join Together’ is a fine younger brother to ‘Make Some Noise’ and another staple in the band’s future set lists.

“Make Some Noise” displays delectable grooves and mind-torqueing punch, and some of the best vocals in the Rock game, thanks to Corabi.
The Dead Daisies certainly ‘make some noise’ with this new album, but a melodic, punchy rockin’ noise which is a lot of fun.
Highly Recommended


01 – Long Way To Go
02 – We All Fall Down
03 – Song And A Prayer
04 – Mainline
05 – Make Some Noise
06 – Fortunate Son
07 – Last Time I Saw The Sun
08 – Mine All Mine
09 – How Does It Feel
10 – Freedom
11 – All The Same
12 – Join Together

John Corabi – vocals
Brian Tichy – drums
David Lowy – guitars
Doug Aldrich – guitars
Marco Mendoza – bass



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