A.Z.R.O. – Rock In A Hard Place [digitally remastered] (2022)

A.Z.R.O. - Rock In A Hard Place [digitally remastered] (2022) full

Alongside the D.F.M. recordings for the first time on CD featured here at 0dayrox, Metallic Blue Records is releasing as well the material recorded by the band A.Z.R.O. This was another band formed by D.F.M. / NEWHEVEN drummer Todd Lane who at the time had a contract with a Hollywood movie studio.
A.Z.R.O. was especially assembled for the recording of the 1993 film ‘The Bikini Carwash Company II’ soundtrack, where the band not only was featured in the movie but also performs all the songs. The line up also includes D.F.M.’s guitarist Tracy Swider.
Now, the complete A.Z.R.O. songs are compiled under the CD title “Rock In A Hard Place“, fully remastered and made available for the first time. These by no means are ‘generic’ hard rockers, but elaborated killer tunes professionally recorded & produced with a style similar to WARRANT, Mr. BIG, and NEWHEVEN.
This is hooky, rocking melodic hard rock with that early ’90s sound. Check out the video below.
Highly Recommended



01 – Rock in a Hard Place
02 – 99 Miles
03 – Down Home
04 – Tell Me Forever
05 – Loaded Gun
06 – When Love is Not Enough
07 – Mr. Attitude Dance
08 – Lay Your Hands on Me
09 – Blame It on Me
10 – Big Top
11 – Hold of My Heart
12 – B.I.K.I.N.I.

Rick Neely Martin – Lead Vocals
Tracy Swider – Guitar
Steve Giles – Bass
Todd Lane – Drums



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