DANNY JOE BROWN and The Danny Joe Brown Band [Rock Candy remastered]

DANNY JOE BROWN and The Danny Joe Brown Band [Rock Candy remastered] full

One of the most puzzling moves in the history of Southern Rock occurred when vocalist Danny Joe Brown left MOLLY HATCHET at the top of their huge late Seventies success. He formed THE DANNY JOE BROWN BAND and released the group’s self-titled debut, finely remastered by Rock Candy Records.
Shortly before Brown abandon Molly Hatchet, the group recorded one of the genre’s definitive albums, but Brown wanted his own career. Hence, this album is of interest to Southern Rock / bluesy hard rock fans because it should come as no surprise that it sounds like Molly Hatchet around that era – the early ’80s.
Like Molly Hatchet, Brown’s band also featured a three-guitar attack, courtesy of Bobby Ingram, Steve Wheeler and Kenny McVay.
A couple of extra musical touches support Brown’s throaty growl: slide guitar riffing by Ingram and Wheeler, keyboard accents by John Galvin and harmony vocals that certainly must have been encouraged by producer / engineer Glyn Johns, a legend who’d worked with The Rolling Stones, The Who, Eagles and Eric Clapton.

The “The Danny Joe Brown Band” album is about as good a Southern Rock record as you will ever hear. With impassioned vocals and copious lead guitar playing, the songs are superior examples of a genre now considered as part of the classic rock legacy.
Indeed, it houses two of the movement’s greatest signature tracks; ‘The Alamo’ and ‘Edge Of Sundown’, the latter a mythical guitar-driven epic containing an extended guitar showdown in the finest Southern Rock tradition.

DANNY JOE BROWN and The Danny Joe Brown Band [Rock Candy remastered] back

The Southern Rock hall of fame is decorated with some of the finest voices in the music business; Ronnie Van Zant and Gregg Allman being two fine examples. Equally as impressive is the immediate and identifiable rasp of Danny Joe Brown.
A fine remaster by Rock Candy on this very good slice of moving Classic Rock.
Requested by one of you… enjoy.
Highly Recommended


01 – Sundance
02 – Nobody walks on me
03 – The alamo
04 – Two days home
05 – Edge of sundown
06 – Beggar man
07 – Run for your life
08 – Hear my song
09 – Gambler’s dream
10 – Hit the road

Danny Joe Brown – lead vocals
Bobby Ingram – guitar, slide guitar, backing vocals
Steve Wheeler – guitar, slide guitar
Kenny McVay – guitar
John Galvin – keyboards, backing vocals
Buzzy Meekin – bass, backing vocals
Jimmy Glenn – drums



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  1. Ray says:

    What’s interesting that 3 members of the Danny Joe Band went on to join Molly Hatchet: Bobby Ingram – guitar, John Galvin – keyboards, and Buzzy Meekin – bass….Ingram and Galvin are still there!

  2. kosedi says:

    Thank you so much..-.

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