EYES (Jeff Scott Soto, James Christian & more) – LA Rocks [Japan AOR Moon Collectors]

EYES (Jeff Scott Soto, James Christian & more) - LA Rocks [Japan AOR Moon Collectors] - full

Few days ago we featured the 2-CD release of EYES featuring Jeff Scott Soto. Many of your have been asking for more JSS, so here’s from the awesome Japan AOR Moon Collectors series, the “LA Rocks” compilation.
Since the mid-80s, “LA Rocks” was a Californian collective (also known as ‘Eyes’) including several members from renowned hard rock bands, such as Marcel Jacob (Yngwie Malmsteen), Michael Dorian (Lillian Axe), Chuck Wright (Giuffria, House Of Lords, Quiet Riot), Jimmy O’Shea (Cacophony), Jeff Naideau (Life By Night) and many more. Even Mike Porcaro (Toto) collaborated with them.
There were several singers as well, including Jeff Scott Soto but also James Christian, Jim Wilkinson (later famous as Jizzy Pearl) and Malice’s Mark Weitz. Good sound demos from all are included here.
Later Soto took the name ‘Eyes’ for the band of the same name which managed to release official material included into the 2-CD we featured at 0dayrox. On this Japan AOR Moon Collectors disc there’s also a rare live recording from that line-up.
There are demos, but darn awesome.

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Lead vocals JIZZY PEARL
1.For you
2.Nobody said it was easy
3.I want you
4.In the darkness of your heart

5.For You
6.Nobody Said It Was Easy

7.Livin’ in the city
8.Nobody said it was easy
9.Livin’ on the edge
10.Gone too far
11.You better stop

Lead vocals MARK WEITZ
13.Wishin’ well
14.No time to pray

EYES LIVE 1990 w/Jeff Scott Soto
16.Wired 4 love
17.Every single minute
18.Can’t get enough
19.Walkin’ fire

Jizzy Pearl aka Jim Wilkinson (Love/Hate, LA Guns)
James Christian (House Of Lords)
Jeff Scott Soto (Yngwie, Talisman, WET)
Mark Weitz (Malice, Ramos)
Steve Dougherty (Burning Rome, Berlin)
Todd Jasmin (Berlin)
Mark Thorr (Ratt, Rough Cutt)
Marcel Jacob (Yngwie Malmsteen)
Aldy Damian (Eyes II)
Michael Dorian (Lillian Axe)
Chuck Wright (Giuffria, House Of Lords, Quiet Riot)
Jimmy O’Shea (Cacophony)
Bobby Fraga (Eyes II)
Jamie Sheriff (Eyes II, LaMarca)
Jeff Naideau (Life By Night)
Mike Porcaro (Toto)


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