SAVATAGE – Gutter Ballet [Limited Edition LP remastered reissue + bonus disc] (2022)

SAVATAGE - Gutter Ballet [Limited Edition LP remastered reissue + bonus disc] (2022) full

US American metal icons SAVATAGE are one of the most influential bands in their genre. Founded 1981 by brothers Jon and Criss Oliva in Florida, the band met producer Paul O’Neill in the mid-1980s while touring with Motörhead – and the rest is history. They have earned their legendary status amongst the Metal community for effortlessly blending relentless classic metal, hard rock sounds with a progressive and experimental approach, resulting in some of the genre’s best concept albums.
Now earMUSIC is paying tribute to SAVATAGE with a carefully curated vinyl LP reissues series of all studio albums, especially mastered for vinyl.
There’s the regular 10-track release of Savatage’s 1989 studio album “Gutter Ballet“, and this Limited Edition including the bonus disc “Thorazine Shuffle”.
“Gutter Ballet” resulted a turning point for the band, exploring a more progressive sound.

Savatage was preparing to take the next major step in the evolution of their sound under the tutelage of producer Paul O’Neil in 1989. With his guidance and lyrical ideas, the classic metal unit from Tampa released their most ambitious and possibly most successful LP to date in ”Gutter Ballet”.
Featuring a more prominent piano sound courtesy of band leader Jon Oliva, ‘Gutter’ marked the beginning of the band’s progressive period that influenced so many acts.
Progression was achieved on almost all levels, not only the keyboards addition but in the growth of Criss Oliva’s classical guitar playing. The band also had a fairly successful tour to support the ”Gutter Ballet”throughout much of 1990. A live track from that year is included in the bonus disc.
Featured as a support or middle level act in metal festivals in Europe, Savatage then returned to headline venues in the US.

The title track instantly became recognized as one of the key songs in the band’s entire catalog. Other favorites included “Hounds” which revisited the dark atmosphere of earlier hits, and “When the Crowds Are Gone” which became Savatage’s most renowned ballad.
The record seemed to balance the piano balladry with the metal madness of Savatage’s most recognizable sound and often in the same song!

”Gutter Ballet” is the pinnacle of Savatage’s artistic and commercial success, an elaborated record that grows and hits you on perhaps a more emotional level than any previous Savatage record.
Highly Recommended

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A1 – Of Rage And War
A2 – Gutter Ballet
A3 – Temptation Revelation
A4 – When the Crowds Are Gone
A5 – Silk And Steel
B1 – She’s In Love
B2 – Hounds
B3 – The Unholy
B4 – Mentally Yours
B5 – Summer’s Rain

BONUS DISC (Thorazine Shuffle 10”)
C – Thorazine Shuffle
D – When The Crowds Are Gone (Live At The Hollywood Palace, L.A., 1990)

Jon Oliva – lead vocals, piano, keyboards, bass, drums on A2
Criss Oliva – electric and acoustic guitar
Johnny Lee Middleton – bass guitar
Steve “Doc” Wacholz – drums
Robert Kinkel – keyboards
John Dittmar, Stephen Daggett, Jerry Van Deilen, Dan Campbell – background shouts and laughs



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  1. Scupp says:

    What a cracking album that most will have missed. A HIGHLY recommended release and brilliant post by the boys at 0dayrox

  2. Jerry Oliver says:

    One of my favorite bands!!
    Any chance you’ll be doing the entire catalog?
    This sounds so much better than my other versions of Gutter Ballet.
    Thanks !!!

  3. jayman says:

    Thnx 0day, this was one of their best

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