TOMI MALM (feat Steve Lukather, Tim Pierce) – Coming Home [Japan Edition +1] (2021)

TOMI MALM (feat Steve Lukather, Tim Pierce) - Coming Home [Japan Edition +1] (2021) full

After his critically acclaimed debut ‘Walkin’ On Air’, talented Finnish songwriter, producer and arranger TOMI MALM returns with his sophomore effort, titled ”Coming Home”. With this album, Malm reaffirms himself as one of the most incredible talents of his generation.
Featuring the genre’s best like Steve Lukather, Tim Pierce, Robbie Buchanan, Jimmy Haslip, Neil Stubenhaus, Vinnie Colaiuta, John ‘JR’ Robinson, etc, classic Westcoast-AOR doesn’t get better than this. It has everything – a glorious pop sensibility, elegant melodies, songwriting variety, beautiful lyrics, and pristine production.

Among the distinguished vocal performances we hear Bill Cantos, Marilyn Scott, Randy Goodrum, Jerry Lopez, Ole Børud, Andreas Aleman, Frank Ådahl, Ashton Moran, Michael Haddad, ZoSia, Maeva Borzakian, Wendy Moten, Julian Thomas, and Warren Wiebe, whom after more than 2 decades since he passed away continues gracing new AOR songs.

Swedish soul man Andreas Aleman shows his powerful vocals on the dramatic ‘When You’re Gone’, in a story of learning to stand again after love. In contrast, love is found and told in the soft, 80’s rock glow of the albums title track – ‘Coming Home’.
Marilyn Scott‘s scintillating vocals are deeply engaging on the single ‘Without You Saying A Word’ and creates exquisite listening. The keys twinkle like stars on this loving ode.

Uptempo lovers will also enjoy the catchy and sumptuous grooves of ‘Two Hearts’, ‘I Got You’ and the groovy ‘Are Your Real’ featuring Norwegian star Ole Børud. The frantic instrumental energy of ‘Free Fall’ was ideally placed towards the end to awaken the senses – all 10 minutes of it!

Tomi Malm does prove good music never gets old with an album of tonal sunshine and intricate, intriguing melodies – with and without love’s bewildering storylines. Indeed this is is an album of music for another place and time and days long gone, style, grace and elegance.
If you want to make someone happy, play or buy them this.
Highly Recommended


P-Vine Japan PCD~94013

01 – Second Wave
02 – Come Away (Featuring Bill Cantos)
03 – When You’re Gone (Featuring Andreas Aleman)
04 – Are You Real? (Featuring Ole Børud)
05 – Without You Saying A Word (Featuring Marilyn Scott)
06 – Two Hearts (Featuring Jerry Lopez)
07 – Tourbillon De Vie (Featuring Maeva Borzakian)
08 – I Got You (Featuring Frank Ådahl)
09 – Coming Home (Featuring Michael Haddad)
10 – Another Day (Featuring ZoSia)
11 – Solaris
12 – The Time Is Now (Featuring Warren Wiebe And Wendy Moten)
13 – Dream On (Featuring Frank Ådahl)
14 – Leave It To The Girls (Featuring Ashton Moran)
15 – Free Fall
16 – Hearts In Phase (Featuring Randy Goodrum)
17 – Margeaux (Featuring Julian Thomas)


Keyboards, Guitar, Backing Vocals: Tomi Malm

Guitars: Steve Lukather, Tim Pierce, Dan Warner, James Harrah, Lolo Alvarez, Bernt Rune Stray, Peter Friestedt and Porty

Bass: Jimmy Haslip, Neil Stubenhaus, JM Popo, Lars-Erik Dahle, Johannes Zetterberg and Timo Pulkinnen

Drums: Vinnie Colaiuta, John ‘JR’ Robinson, Joel Taylor, Simon Phillips, John Hammond, Olli Estola and Lars Daugaard

Rhodes, Vocals: Robbie Buchanan

Percussion: Alex Acuña, Luis Conte, Martin Verdonk, John Hammond and Carlitos Merino

Background vocals: Sunho Lim, Peter Johansson, Bjarne Langhoff,, Lenny Lopez, Jamie Hosmer, Jeri Lynne, ZoSia and ZoSia’s Kids Choir (Lea, Franka and Alex)



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