LATTER REIGN – Live For The Day [1991 / Digitally Remastered +2] (2022) *Exclusive*

LATTER REIGN - Live For The Day [1991 / Digitally Remastered +2] (2022) *Exclusive* - full

Roxx Records are reissuing for the first time the debut album from American melodic hard rockers LATTER REIGN. Their original 7-song studio release “Live For The Day” (1991) was self-released on cassette only. Now we have this lost album remastered & restored plus two bonus tracks, with all new artwork and design.
The music into “Live For The Day” is hard-rocking catchy and brimming of Eighties melodic metal energy. No doubt, ‘80s melodic metal’ is an open-ended statement as it applies to any band having come out of the era – and such is the case with Latter Reign – but in reference to ”Live For The Day” also extends to AOR, melodic hard rock, glam, hair and pop metal.

This 2022 Rob Colwell (Bombworks Sound) re-mastering certainly brings improvement to the original tapes, but to be completely fair quality to the source material placed limitations on what a re-mastering technical can and cannot achieve.
Outside of that, this Roxx Records re-issue comes with the original seven ”Live For The Day” tracks in addition to bonus material in the form of an acoustic version to the song “Winds Of Change” and single “Desire”, which Latter Reign recorded for the Heaven’s Metal Volume 1 compilation.

Opener “Prisoner” brings that Eighties melodic metal energy in question. With open air guitar to start, song combines ardent and uptempo energy with unambiguous hooks as Luis Cardenas shines with his gritty and raspy mid-ranged vocal style. Layered backing vocals provide a commercial flair.
“Real Love” further ups energy with its hair metal luster. Backing vocals again play an indelible role in building upon the overriding pop-based sentiments, while shredding lead guitar builds upon the high-energy verse at hand. Of particular note is how Dave Bonavich separates with a strong drum sound.

“Comin’ Back To You” takes a heavier metal-based stand, revealed in the snarling rhythm guitars to power in and out of the mix over a bedrock of groove like bass to speak of Bon Jovi. Impetus is mostly mid-tempo, pinpointing the diligent verse section, but intermittently picks up for moments on a more purposeful side, identifying the deliberate refrain.
“Winds Of Change” is a customary (and very good) wave your lighter in the air power ballad. Blowing wind fittingly gets things going ahead of the acoustic sentiments to carry its length, as keyboards play and accenting role and Cardenas again stands apart with his heartfelt vocal qualities. Ably done lead guitar further builds upon the emotion.

A bluesy background is revealed on the down to earth “Don’t Close Your Heart”. As grainy guitars and even grainer hard rock fortitude leads the way, it emphasizes equal parts bluesy elements and the signature Latter Reign commercial vestiges. This one would be a good candidate for FM Radio back in the day.

“If We Only Believe” is my favorite of the two ballads with its hard rock approach. Divergences define the song, ranging from lucid passages with keyboards and orchestration and others to see implacable guitars set the momentous tone. All the while, a generous melody serves to draw in with repeat play. Stryper cannot help come to mind, as found in the falsettos at the end.

The album title track is a highlight. “Live For The Day” gives prominence to a thick and weighty low end alongside blithe guitars to result in a high-energy catchiness. Melodic metal perfection is complete when factoring another distorted guitar solo.

As for the bonus material, acoustic version to “Winds Of Change” is not that far removed from the original (which is mostly acoustic itself), while “Desire” is an animated melodic rocking cut complete with galvanized demeanor, aloof acoustic traces and lively backing vocals to fortify the presiding hooks. Album’s best production to boot.

Credit Roxx Records for making available another long lost album in Latter Reign’s debut ”Live For The Day”. Musically, I appreciate the band’s commercial metal and hard rock stance hearkening back to the Eighties. Gritty and raspy vocals help offer comparison to contemporaries Guardian (Jamie Rowe era), while the group brings equal levels of musical acumen in terms of musicianship and songwriting ability.
In the end, the potential it exhibits on ”Live For The Day” cannot help but leave impression if Latter Reign followed up with a major label produced full-length release it would have ranked among the heavy hitters of the time.
Highly Recommended

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1 – Prisoner
2 – Real Love
3 – Comin-‘ Back to Your Love
4 – Winds of Change
5 – Don-‘t Close Your Heart
6 – Only Believe
7 – Live for the Day
8 – Winds of Change (Acoustic)
9 – Desire (from Heavens Metal Comp)

Louis Cardenas (lead vocals, drums)
July Cardenas (bass, backing vocals)
Brad Smith (guitar, backing vocals)
Dave Bovavich (drums)
Glenn Graft (guitar, backing vocals)



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