SAGA – Pleasure and the Pain (Remastered 2021 +1) *Exclusive*

SAGA - Pleasure and the Pain (Remastered 2021 +1) *Exclusive* - full

Over 40 years have passed since Canadian melodic prog-rock band SAGA released their self-titled debut album. Since then, they have been an exceptional musical phenomenon and toured the globe various times — all the while selling over 10 million albums worldwide.
Their sonic trademarks – synthesizer harmonies, keyboard-guitar riffs, melodic arrangements, and the charismatic vocals of frontman Michael Sadler – have made Saga an influential rock act of the modern era.
In 2021, earMUSIC celebrated the band’s four-decade legacy launching a reissue series exquisitely remastered and these “must own” releases will be welcome additions to the musical libraries of the Saga faithful.
“Pleasure and the Pain” is the band’s twelfth studio album, the first and only to feature Glen Sobel on drums. There was a previous remestered reissue of “Pleasure and the Pain” but the band wasn’t happy with the saturated sound of it.
Pleasure and the Pain (Remastered 2021 +1)” sounds much more comfortable, clean, preserving harmonics.


01 – Heaven Can Wait
02 – How Do You Feel?
03 – Welcome to the Zoo
04 – Where’s My Money?
05 – You’re Not Alone “97”
06 – Taxman
07 – You Were Made for Me
08 – Gonna Give It to Ya
09 – Fantastically Wrong
10 – Pleasure and the Pain
11 – Solsbury Hill (1991 Single) [Bonus Track]

Michael Sadler: Vocals
Ian Crichton: Guitars
Jim Gilmour: Keyboards & Vocals
Glen Sobel: Drums
Jim Crichton: Bass



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2 Responses

  1. Rudio says:

    I did not request this album, but thanks nevertheless.
    Unlike the 2016 remaster, this one has a studio track as bonus.
    And I’m truly curious about that sound 🙂

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