NASTY NASTY – Get Some!!! 1990 [Retrospect Records remaster]

NASTY NASTY - Get Some!!! 1990 [Retrospect Records remaster] - full

Thirty-five years of playing professionally and working to get a record deal, and it turns out all Micky Shomidie needed in the mid-2000’s was a MySpace page. After only three months of having a Web page posted on MySpace promoting his former 1989-1993 band NASTY NASTY, the musician was contacted by Retrospect Records of Las Vegas looking to create a distribution deal for the two CDs he wrote & recorded while with the band.
Bassist & songwriter Shomidie formed Nasty Nasty in 1989 with with Donnie Dobbinson drums, guitarist Trevor Reynolds and vocalist Tim Whalen, and together they released two indie CDs, played in 23 states and built a reputation for opening for national acts such as Bad Company, Black Oak Arkansas, L.A. Guns, etc, but a record deal never came.

As requested, here’s “Get Some!!!“, NASTY NASTY’s debut album from 1990 showcasing their, at the time, rawer brand of American glam metal, heavier than the hair metal pop scene yet still catchy and commercial.
With a vocalist (Tim Whalen, RIP) which was like a cross between Cinderella’s Tom Keifer and Twisted Sister Dee Snider, guitar riffs straight from the amp and cool melodies, these NASTY NASTY first songs are raw and in your face, something the scene was losing in the early Nineties.

Hailing from Springfield, Illinois, after the initial tours NASTY NASTY replaced Donnie Dobbinson with John Scully on drums, and after six months of songwriting and some demos, the band decided to record and release by themselves “Get Some!!!”.

There’s a pretty wild delivery on songs like ‘Nasty Nasty’, ‘Shadowed Dreams’, the aggressive ‘I Don’t Really Care’, ‘Show Some More’ (with some early Twisted Sister on it). ‘On Broadway’ is different, very Van Halenesque – of course not with Eddie’s quality pyrotech – while ‘Tell No Lies’ is a solid ballad, not syruped but ‘heavy’, akin Dokken or Icon, and a favorite on this album.
Out of print, “Get Some!!!” has become hard to find with used copies being sold for over $100.
Highly Recommended


1 – Nasty Nasty
2 – Don’t Red On Me
3 – Shadowed Dreams
4 – I Don’t Really Care
5 – Show Some More
6 – On Broadway
7 – Tell No Lies
8 – Last Of The Dying Breed

Tim Whalen: Lead Vocals
Trevor Reynolds: Guitar, Vocals
Micky Shomidie: Bass, Vocals
John Scully: Drums, Vocals


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