WANTED – Set Me Free [FnA remastered reissue] (2022)

WANTED - Set Me Free [FnA remastered reissue] (2022) - full

FnA Records is reissuing 2022 WANTED’s ”Set Me Free” album, one of the label’s most successful releases which sold-out, now has been repressed as a silver bottom CD with the original artwork. ”Set Me Free” comprises the recordings from 1990-1993 of these Californian melodic glam rockers who delivered fun n’ rocking tunes in the style of Roxy Blue, Bulletboys, Warrant, Wildside, etc.
From the perfected stage shows and their looks straight down to the denim and leather rock n’ roll garb to well-crafted music that rivaled any of their contemporaries, WANTED was focused on the prize as they saw all their friends in Poison, Warrant, and L.A. Guns score that coveted recording contract.

“WANTED…Wants You!” read the flyers posted up and down the strip on Sunset Blvd. And that’s what WANTED got. Fans flocked in droves every time WANTED had a show. Why? Because with WANTED, the fan didn’t get the same old stale, over-rehearsed show that some of their counterparts had become accustomed to.
For sure this band deserved a chance, as while their songs are in the typical glam hair metal vein from the era, they had ‘coolness’ and attitude.

WANTED started in 1988, when long-time friends Kenny James and Jeffrey Lane picked up and relocated from South Florida to the streets of L.A.
Friends for nearly a decade, Kenny and Jeffrey found themselves clear across the country and smack dab in the middle of the glitz n’ glam of Hollywood. In fact, they did it Hollywood to the core by grabbing up Motley Crue‘s legendary old apartment at Clark Street 205 where they kept the party rolling. Titles like ‘Baby Tonight’, ‘Set Me Free’, ‘Avenue Of Sleeze’, ‘It’s Hot” and the dirty ‘Rocking Horse Lady’ are all about fun, girls, and having a good time. And that’s what rock n’ roll is all about.
Highly Recommended


01 – Baby Tonight
02 – Avenue of Sleeze
03 – 2nd Best
04 – Friend or Foe
05 – It’s Hot
06 – All the People
07 – My Love
08 – Rocking Horse Lady
09 – Say Goodbye
10 – Set Me Free
11 – Me and Only Me
12 – Til the Day I Die

Lead Vocals – Kenny James
Guitars, Keyboards – Jeffrey Lane
Bass, vocals – John E.K.
Drums – Stevie Schaaf


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