TRYCKVAG – Legacy (2022)


You might know their names from the big rock stages but it all started in the end of the 1970’s, in a small Dalecarlian town of Sweden. The sleepy town was Mora and the band was Tryckvåg (TRYCKVAG). As it later turned out, this was the start of their international careers to come on the hard rock and heavy metal scenes.
TRYCKVAG is Mikael Höglund on bass (Great King Rat, Thunder), Thomas Brown on drums (Great King Rat, Electric Boys, Michael Schenker Group, John Norum, Glenn Hughes) and Mats Attaque on vocals & /guitars (Mogg, Baltimoore).
In 1985 they released their only official effort (7” single) and left for fame and glory in the Swedish capital of Stockholm. Soon thereafter they were scattered by the wind and disbanded. But despite their new individual international careers, the three childhood friends gathered for the occasional live gig every now and then.
Were they satisfied with this musical imprint of Tryckvag? Was it enough of a legacy for the afterworld? The obvious answer was NO.
Therefore, Tryckvag has entered the studio to showcase their contemporary sound and songwriting, and the result is the classic hard rock / traditonal metal effort ”Legacy”. All brand new compositions plus a couple of their “classic” songs re-recorded and included on this release.
Killer stuff


01 – Legacy
02 – Freak Of Nature
03 – Pull The Trigger
04 – I Surrender
05 – Heart On The Sleeve
06 – Moving on
07 – Shadowplay
08 – Weak
09 – Are You Receiving Me
10 – Are You Receiving Me (Radio Edit)

Mats Attaque – vocals, guitars (Mogg, Baltimoore)
Mikael Höglund – bass (Great King Rat, Thunder)
Thomas Brown – drums (Great King Rat, Electric Boys, Michael Schenker Group, John Norum, Glenn Hughes)

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