CIRKUS – Avalanche (2023)

CIRKUS - Avalanche (2023) - full

While CIRKUS are not a very well known name from the UK early progressive scene, they are a cult act since 1973 when released their self-released album, which had become very sought-after by collectors. Two decades would pass by before Cirkus re-emerged in the arena with their second album “Two – The Global Cut” in 1994, followed by a third album “III – Pantomyme” in 1998. Cirkus weren’t quite finished yet though because they had one more final performance left in their repertoire with “IV – The Blue Star”, released 2017.
And now CirKus are back with their newest collection of songs titled “Avalanche“. Still with founding member Derek Miller (keyboards) in their ranks, CirKus 2023 brand of prog is much more modern, at places eclectic, Rock&pop – always melodic.
Not far away from the likes of Pallas, Arena, Final Conflict, Twelfth Night, some Alan Parsons, but additionally provided with ‘more rock’ flair.

Overall seen CIRKUS have launched a proper neo prog album with classic touches from the past, however very modern. Musically the twelve songs are showing them on very melodic and mostly mid-tempo paths, with nice guitar work all over plus spacey keyboards.
Highly Recommended


01 – Blackfell Music
02 – Warrior
03 – Look
04 – Avalanche
05 – Seismic Shift
06 – Other People
07 – Digital Nomad
08 – Stairs
09 – Landing
10 – Waiting
11 – Surrender Part 1
12 – Surrender Part 2

Derek Miller – keyboards, programming
Dave Ramshaw – vocals
Nick Mao – vocals, guitar, keyboard
Michael Maughan – guitars
Alan Kinights – bass
Keith Satchfield – guitar



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