APRIL WINE – Alive In America [Limited Collector’s Edition Remastered] (2023)

APRIL WINE - Alive In America [Limited Collector's Edition Remastered] (2023) - full

APRIL WINE is one of the seminal bands from Canadian rock history, formed in 1969 and based in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Led by singer-guitarist-songwriter Myles Goodwin since its inception, April Wine’s first success came with it’s second album, On Record (1972), which reached the top 40 in Canada and yielded two hit singles: “Bad Side of the Moon”, a top 20 hit; and “You Could Have Been a Lady”, a number 2 song in Canada.
Prior to their third album, Goodwyn and bassist Jim Clench held auditions for new members and the replacements were drummer Jerry Mercer (formerly of Mashmakhan) and guitarist Gary Moffet. They finished the album, Electric Jewels, which the songs “Weeping Widow, ” “Just Like That” and “Lady Run, Lady Hide”, which would stay in April Wine’s set lists for many years. Following a 1975 tour, Jim Clench left to join Bachman-Turner Overdrive; he was replaced by Steve Lang.
Now Renaissance Records is releasing ”Alive In America [Limited Collector’s Edition Remastered]” which over the years was considered an ‘official bootleg’ by the band, now with better mastering. This album was recorded during the ‘Harder… Faster tour’ on January 17, 1980 in Denver, Colorado at the Rainbow Music Hall.

APRIL WINE always has been a criminally underrated act, and one of the best rockin’ bands alive. ”Alive In America” is just another proof of that. The sound quality of this ‘remaster’ is better than the previously available version of this recording – really ‘live’, no post-production – and while not perfect, it’s great to hear how good an arena band sounded back in the late Seventies / early Eighties.
Highly Recommended


01 – Oowatanite
02 – Get Ready For Love
03 – I Like To Rock
04 – Ladies Man
05 – Say Hello
06 – Rock And Roll Is A Vicious Game
07 – Right Down To It
08 – Hot On The Wheels Of Love
09 – Before The Dawn
10 – 21st Century Schizoid Man
11 – Roller
12 – Don’t Push Me Around
13 – You Could Have Been A Lady

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